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A piece of my own Veronica Mars

Warning : I’m a big Veronica Mars fan. This textes presents a scene I could have written if by any miracle the producter Rob Thomas did know of my existence, hence it’s what I’d do with the characters.


« Hi Logan. I heard you got charged for murder, again. »

« Well, you know, there’s only a few good looking dudes around here able to look good as a trophee suspect on the news. Son of a movie star…. »

« Never grows old. I know. So, you done it ? »

Logan walked toward her and tried to pull her by the waist.

« Did I mention my eyes adore you ? »

Veronica stepped back and gathered her files. He was acting just like she knew he would.

« Did I mention I’m the only thing that keeps the County from roasting you ? »

A twisted smile appeared on Logan’s face.

« Right. I love having a hot blonde representing me in court. »

« And I love  winning a case. And taking cash. Spill the bean Eccholls. »

Veronica flashed him her « I have no time to waste » look.

« Or what ? » he replied after a long silence.

« Big Teddy will be serving your private dinner in your private cell after you get his private name tattooed on your private glute. »

When cornered in blackmail, always bring up Big Teddy, Veronica thought. He does miracles.

« Ha… no… forget about it, Teddy’s not my kind. How about we take my boat and sail toward the sunset. »

« How about you stop trying to piss me off ? 30 seconds Echolls. »

« Before What ? »

« I walk out. 25 seconds left. »

« Ok. I didn’t do it. »

« 20 seconds. »

« But I hired Big Teddy. »

Veronica crossed her arms on her chest. This was going better than she had planned.

« Why am I not that surprised ? 15 seconds. »

Logan’s shoulders dropped as if to say alright you win.

« To talk to him. Stu was scamming my company. »

« 10 seconds. Hurry up. My hourly fee’s rising fast. » Veronica says as she points to the ceiling.

Logan’s suddenly fidgety. He looks at the pile of files Veronica has brought with her and sighs.

« I wanted to talk to you ok ? You just walked away 10 years ago and never gave any news. When I heard you had graduated from Princeton Law School,I knew you wouldn’t come back if not for business.

Veronica’s not upset by the confession, she expected it.

« Logan… Time’s up. It’s a nice story you’re telling but you see, there’s one thing you cannot deny : we bring out the worst in each other. Ruined lives ? Bloodshed ? spanning years and continents ? Forget about it. Life is now and I wanna make the most of it. You’ll find my bill on your desk by tomorrow. »

I’m locked in Veronica.

Sacks said the file is empty, you’re free to go.

Veronica exits the cell puzzled. She hates herself for what she just did to him but… she was on a mission. She fetched her phone and started typing : Dad. Logan’s out of the way. We can investigate Big Teddy. Looks like his business has evolved. He’s added manslaughter to his resume.

This post is an answer to the prompt A storybook day on Daily Post.

The Manning Case (A Veronica Mars/Castle Crossover)

This is an answer to today’s prompt on the DailysPost blog : Worlds colliding.

Veronica Mars works at  NYPD 12th precinct after Castle and Beckett left.


– What are you up to Veronica Mars ?

Veronica turns, raises her head and meets detective Rory’s inquisitive eyes trying to peeve on her computer screen. He always tries to push her to the fault because she has chosen Espo as a mentor instead of him. She quickly strikes some keys and her search is replaced by the internet page of RhymeZone showing the words that rhyme with fuck. Rory bends over her, reads her screen and snorts.

– Very funny. I saw you searching files on a child kidnapper’s page. You havn’t enough security clearance to go through those files. I’m reporting to the captain right now.

Veronica strikes a few more keys before grabbing her Hot Dog. She sees the fat stain on her files and shivers. Muck… and schmucks… Yuck ! Wow. I should give a shot at poetry more often, she thinks. 

Detective Esposito enters the bullpen, a grim expression on his face.

Veronica jumps to her feet and tries to follow him when a tall woman pushes her from behind without apologizing. Veronica is tempted to say something but she knows better than to piss off some obviously self conscious woman who uses every bit of her power to show the rest of the world how miserable it is.
Mrs Sufficient rushes towards Captain Gates’ office and enters without notice.  The boss looks annoyed but flashes her political smile number 14, the one that says “One day I’m gonna slap you dead like an annoying bug, but in the name of the greater good “Hi ! How are you doing ?”.

Gates raises a hand and answers her phone. She nods several times and gives the speaker to Mrs Sufficient. It’s her turn to nod several times.


In the afternoon, journalists enter the precinct and head to the conference room. The Mayor’s office logo has been added next to the NYPD one on the talking stand. Gates walks toward the stand but is stopped by Rory. From Veronica’s desk, it looks like he wants to talk to her but she waves her index in front of his nose. Rory’s fidgeting as if he could not wait to tell on Veronica.

Mrs Sufficient takes advantage of the situation and places herself in front of the microphones. Then taps them with one finger, replaces  her locks behind her shoulders and rattles her throat.

“Yesterday morning, 911 received a call reporting the presence of a corpse in the Northern section of Central Park on Malcolm X boulevard. When police officers arrived on location, they found the dead body of Stewart Manning, 57 years old. Two gunshot wounds in the chest, the OCME estimates the time of death between 10 pm and 2 am the previous day.

We believe Mr Manning was in town to investigate a lead on  the disappearance of his grand daughter Faith, who has been abducted 10 years ago.

The Mayor’s Office and the NYPD asks any person who has seen mister Manning during the hours preceding his death or who can offers us information about the crime to call the 12th precinct standard. They can also reach us via the internet. The Mayor’s Office and the NYPD are working hands in hands in order to bring justice to Mr Manning’s Family, his wife Rose Manning, and his daughters Lizzie and Grace Manning. We also hope to bring them joy in finding Faith Manning and bringing her back to her family. Let’s all work together to make this city and this country a better place. I will not take any question, thank you for attention.”

The mayor’s spin doctor ends her speech on a tremolo. She almost sheds a tear. Almost.

Espo approaches Veronica at her desk and takes a seat near her.

– Geez, she’s taking the “call me stupid” game to a whole new level.
– Yep, to infinity and beyond.

Veronica is pulled back to her past for the second time of the day. Images of the loss of her friend Meg Manning come back to her mind. She also remembers how she tried to help her escape her family but to no avail. These memories are still sore. She’s brought back to reality by the sight of Gates walking Mrs Sufficient out of the precinct, escorted by two uniforms.


When she comes back in the bullpen, Gates stops by Veronica’s desk.

– Detective Esposito, may I have word?

Espo follows the boss in her office. Captain Gates sets herself behind her desk and Espo faces her on the other side. His eyes do not leave hers and he stands arms crossed on his chest.

– Victoria, I thought we agreed on a no private meeting policy at the office, Espo says between his teeth.
– Javier, this is not about us, she answers while grabbing a file on her desk. I want to talk about the Manning case.
– What is it ? he asks, now bending above the desk.
– Further details came in from primary investigations on the crime scene. Manning had a note in the pocket of his coat referring to a certain Chardo Navarro. I know you’ve crossed path with him in the past.
– Espo shakes his head and rubs his eyes with his hands. His shoulders drop.
– Victoria…
– Don’t interrupt me, please. Gates walks around the desk and waves her mahogany fountain pen under his nose. Are you in any way related to this crime? she asks dryly.
– No. I didn’t know Chardo was out of jail,  Espo replies breathing heavily.
– That’s not all. Manning was from Neptune California. We have to run this investigation with the San Diego Police Department. Their liaison officer is adamant we send Veronica there with you. You see where I’m heading ?
– Both designated cops have ties with the victim or the crime scene. You want us to work by the book. I get it.
– No stain on the file.

A knock on the door interrupts the conversation. Detective Rory’s head appears in the door frame.
– What is it detective? the Captain asks with a tight jaw.
– I’d like to report a crime.

Gates sighs. Rory reports three crimes a week, petty ones, and rarely solves any. She hands a file to Esposito before he leaves the Office.


– Get your badonkadonk off my desk, rookie, he roars as he sees Veronica.
-Espo, your sight must be flawed, she answers on an ingénue tone. My rear is no territory for some surburbian language experiment, it is the expression of the finest atavism of my lineage, Pi licensed/law school graduates/police academy alumnae. There are very few of us, we’re national treasures.
– Right now, you’re endangered species. Move.

Veronica jumps off the desk and sits on former detective Ryann’s chair.

– So, Obiwan, what are we to do with the Manning Case ?
– Not much right now. But the moment will come when we’ll need your legendary sleuth super powers to enter the game.
– Flattering doesn’t work with me, honey.
– Yes it does, that’s why you condemned yourself for some hard training when you chose me.
– I still havn’t been trained for using the latte machine. That’s harsh, Veronica complained.
– Starbucks isn’t good enough for you ?
– Nah. I want to feel that I belong here. Even Rory knows how to make himself a latte. And we don’t like him, do we ?
– Hum… I might have replaced the coffee in his box with the content of the dumpster behind Charly’s Hot Pot.
– I miss detective Ryann too, Veronica says as she pads her mentor on the shoulder.

Five minutes later, Veronica watches the captain leave her office, cross the bullpen and stop by her desk. No need to wonder why she suddenly feels the need to control her computer. The little sucker has reported everything to mommy. Rory always wants to be her favorite.

Gates takes the mouse and scrolls down what seems to be the browser history record. Veronica smiles. She pulled a Van Clemmons on her Mozilla. As Gates clicks on the day links, she lends on pictures of Espo surrounded by little unicorns, pink hearts and  “Esponica” hashtags. A smirks appears on her face. She doesn’t like smart asses but she always acknowledges a good security system when she sees one.

– Detective Esposito, it sure looks like you got yourself an adoring rookie. You must be a great mentor. She should be your partner on the Manning Case.
As she raises again, Gates’ gaze scrutinizes the room until it crosses Veronica’s. Gates touches one branch of her glasses then points her finger at Veronica. She got out this time but she’s not off the hook. The captain is watching her.
– So… Espo. What do we do now ?
– Pack our bags. We’re flying to San Diego tomorrow.

Vaincre la page blanche : j’ai essayé la fanfiction

Le contexte

Je galère avec mon NaNo 2014, je galère dans la phase de réécriture. Quelque chose que je n’arrive pas à identifier me bloque. Alors, au lieu de rester sans écrire, j’ai donc, sur les conseils de mlle Louise, décidé de me lancer dans l’écriture de la fanfiction.

J’avoue que je n’avais aucune opinion établie jusque là. J’ai bien sûr entendu et lu des opinions très négatives à ce sujet, des vertes et des pas mûres et je me ne remets toujours pas de ce texte sur Justin Bieber. Cependant, Sherlock et House MD ne sont-elles pas elles-mêmes des fanfictions ?


Donc, je me suis lancée

J’ai jeté mon dévolu sur l’univers de Veronica Mars, que je connais bien et que j’apprécie particulièrement. J’écris en anglais avec des scènes courtes pour respecter le format original de la série.

Au premier abord, l’exercice n’est pas aisé mais il s’avère rapidement libérateur.


En effet, mettre en scène des personnages qui ne sont pas les miens n’est pas une chose facile pour moi. Mais mettre en scène des personnages que je connais déjà très bien et qui se sont pas les miens recèle un potentiel d’amusement sans frais inégalable à mes yeux.



La fan fiction présente beaucoup d’avantages pour un auteur en panne d’inspiration :


  • moins de travail de conception

Le travail de conception d’un univers peut être complétement paralysant pour certaines personnes. Elles peuvent aussi se perdre dans les détails de la conception et oublier l’objectif premier, celui d’écrire une histoire. Dans le cadre de la fan fiction, le ou les auteurs de l’oeuvre originale ont déja rendu leur copie. L’univers, ses règles, ses institutions, sa gouvernance, ses méchants, ses gentils, tout existe déjà. Et puisque vous envisagez d’écrire dans un domaine particulier (un fandom) tous ces détails vous sont déjà familiers. Il ne vous reste plus qu’à écrire votre histoire. Oui, c’est à la fois effrayant et excitant, mais ce sont des effets bien connus de l’écriture en général.


  • moins de pression, plus de plaisir

Ce point est peut être le plus personnel de tous. Lorsque j’écris, j’essaie toujours de présenter mes personnages de la meilleure façon possible. Leur existence ne dépend que de moi. Lorsqu’un auteur écrit de la fanfiction, il travaille avec un ou plusieurs personnages qui bénéficient déjà de leur propre existence et dont la survie ne dépend pas entièrement de ce que va écrire le dit auteur. Une bonne dose de pression est ôtée des épaules, c’est un peu comme jouer aux Sims par écrit, cela permet de retrouver un peu de fun.


  • un moyen de continuer d’écrire lorsque la machine est grippée sur les fictions originales

Parfois, le meilleur moyen de retrouver de la motivation pour travailler sur un projet est tout simplement de travailler sur un autre et de réouvrir le robinet de l’imagination puis celui de l’écriture. le conseil n’est pas original mais considérer la fan-fiction comme un moyen de stimuler sa créativité générale peut tout à fait l’être. Ce qui compte avant tout, c’est d’écrire.


  • un moyen d’affûter ses outils littéraires.

Délivré de la responsabilité de créer un univers de  A à Z, il est plus facile de se concentrer sur sa technique de dialogue, sur les descriptions, sur le rythme, le thème… De mon côté, je travaille les descriptions et les dialogues dynamiques (décrire les mouvements et l’attitude des personnages pendant leurs échanges).


Le résultat de mes premières tribulations dans le monde de la fan fiction est intitulé Double Target. Il a été relu et commenté par Mlle Louise (lien). Je l’ai posté sur le site communautaire Archive of our Own le 3 février, il a été lu 464 fois depuis et a reçu 17 kudos.

Je l’ai ensuite affiné suite au commentaire d’un des lecteurs.