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TGBOL chapter 6.0 Embrace your quirkiness

Hello dear TGBOLers and thank you so much for all your contributions to last week’s prompt. I was wondering if this type of  list with instruction would interest some of you and by the looks of things, it seems like it did !

I feel like keeping on making lists with a positive attitude to begin this month of June. This weeks theme is inspired by a thought that crossed my mind a few days ago about the shoes I was wearing.

I was wearing ocean blue crocs and heard someone talking in my back « wow, this hurts the eyes ». And all I could think was « Yes, maybe, but they make me feel soooo good ». and Then I started thinking about all those things I do that are not common like but bring joy and comfort in my life.

This week’s theme is « Embrace your Quirkiness », celebrate these things that may not gather public opinion but contribute to you charm and happiness.

Choose at least five topics in which you beg to differ from mister or miz Everyone and delight in your own originality.

Without further ado, here is my list of quirkiness.

1/ Shoes : Crocs ! so many shapes and colors, Clogs, Mary Janes, Mules. I love them all. They make my hectic days so much easier. And the brand has released a collection of flats that look really elegant and still feel great on the feet.

2/ Music : Cheesy tune from the 80’s. I am an eclectic music leastener but there’s nothing that lifts my spirits like a cheesy tune from the 80’s. Ricky&Poveri, Mc Hammer, and for the french readers Peter & Sloane.

3/Readings : Romance ! I don’t know how it is perceived in your country but in mine Romance has a terrible reputation and romance readers binge on their kindle in order not to be judged. But honestly, I can read a romance books in just a few hours if its well written. And read it again and again.

4/ My precious : Your think Jewels ? Nope, I could not care less. It’s a fountain pen, a gift from my husband that never leaves my bag.

5/ Poetry : Angry, Absurd or funny. Some write poetry to reflect on their human condition, some express their thoughts about love, some relish in the beauty of nature. Not me. I write poetry to deal with my emotions. The results ? Here, here and here.


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Check their blogs, check their lists, and if you feel like joining us in this great adventure : don’t hesitate.

It’s very simple.

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