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Order and creativity

I never thought order would be the companion to my creativity.

Actually I thought it was an obstacle because I always need to see my supplies or I don’t use them, there fore I maintained a conscious semi controlled chaos on my desk for years.

But as Jazza says in his videos, having an orderly work space is an invitation to create and invade the space in the process.

On the contrary, chaos seems prolific and creative but it is just… chaos, hence noise, hence a disturbance to express any creativity. At he end it’s something you have to deal with before starting to create.

There is a satisfaction in sorting and aligning our possessions.

Artist Lisa Congdon explored the artistic appeal of order in one of her photographic series called small things organized neatly.

For an entire year, she took pictures of her belongings and private collections, every batch being organized neatly.  And people loved it so much she was offered a book deal that pretty much launched her career as a professional artist.

For this article, I’ve decided to pay an humble homage to her work by presenting you with my erasers, organized neatly.

I got three of them with the Scrawlrbox (the Derwent, the Staedler mars eraser and the Tombow mono). Whilst already having them, I bought the Caran d’Ache and the Mono sand one.

Why ?

Because each one of them is better at erasing a particular kind of mark than the other. The Mono zero is very precise, the Mono sand gently scratches the paper allowing ink to fade away, the Caran d’Ache does wonder with graphite and the Derwent and Faber Castel form a great team for removing colored pencil without smudging the paper.

When I’m concerned, order is often antagonized by the hoarder in me. Especially when it comes to art supplies.

What about you ?

On which side are you ?

The order or the hoarder ? Do you relish in buying new arts supplies ? Which ones ?

❤ always

Inspiration exists but it has to find you at work

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Swans, swans, swans

We took our girl on a walk by the shore of a lake only 15 minutes away from our home.

These swans, usually acting like total neurotic divas, were completely smitten with humans, especially toddlers. They even came  on the sand and observe them, then quietly went back swimming. It was magical moment.

And no, we did not feed them bread.


[Cee Oddball Challenge] Crêperie in Collioure

In response to Cee’s Oddball Challenge week 42


[SLWeek 16] Solitude


En réponse au challenge photo de Sylvain Landry sur son blog : Une photo du décor du film le Parfum.  Le personnage principal essaie de recréer le parfum de l’amour.

Edible frontier

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: « Boundaries. »


Now, tell me you’re not hungry 😉

[Hugh’s Challenge : Breakfast] scrambled eggs, Whole wheat bread and Grape Fruit



Scrambled eggs with forest mushrooms, parsley seasoning.
Whole wheat bread with sesame seeds.
Organic grapefruit and orange juice.
Green Tea. No sugar.

Bonus points to those who recognize he teapot 🙂

This post is an answer to Hugh’s photo challenge.


SL Week 14 : Memory

20150806_151937_resizedSacré Coeur du Grau d’Agde.


This post is an answer to SL challenge week 14 : memory

Flash Flower of the day : Old Rose In An Old Farm

20150804_113516This post is an answer to Cee’s flower of the day post.

SL challenge n°12 : animal





This post is an answer to the weekly photo challenge of Sylvain Landry’s blog : Animal.