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Nanowrimo : the preparation that works

Edit: Internet just came back in my neighborhood after a huge breakdown. Our Provider took advantage of the incident to do a network upgrade. So, now, we have a faster bandwith for a TV I barely watch anymore. Yeah.

We were off the web for several days which drove me crazy (Hello, my name is Laduchessederat, I’m an internet junkie).



Nano felt really good this year and I think it’s no miracle, it’s a result of hard work and method adjustments.

Before NaNoWriMo

Writing everyday

Since the beginning of July, I had been writing every single day which clearly made writing easier. During these months, I came up with a strategy that seems to work for me.

1/ Brainstorm the idea
2/ Write, write, write
3/ Read, cut, complete, pace.

Writing doesn’t spring out me perfect, it needs a great deal of work done before it’s readable.

Free Writing

I had one objective concerning my characters : connect with each and everyone of them while writing my novel.

I found nothing helps me more than throwing some of my characters in a silly situation and see how they react. Doing this with characters from my novel, listening to what they had to say unveiled many elements I had not thought of : a love story, a feud, how a particular character feels about his job. And so much more.
I used the Daily Post’s prompt to challenge my characters. There’ nothing better to catch them off guards.


Light Plot planning

since 2010, I had been plotting a lot, and into great details. I changed this this year because I felt like I was always rushing the end because detailed planning was sooooo boring I would do anything to get rid of it.
But the story comes first, so I figured out I had to adapt and I read a book entitled Take off your pants that explains a light way to craft a plot, allowing us to have a sense of theme and direction without the feeling of being overwhelmed. It took me time and practice but it finally came out pretty well and allowed some major changes toward the end of the manuscript without putting the whole plot in jeopardy.


During NaNowrimo.

Method Writing

I have the tendency to write long boring passages of inner dialogue and I truly wanted to fight it. In consequence, I went South on my usual writing sessions and used a tip given in the Take off your pants Book. If it does not relate to the Main Characters’ arc of global theme, ditch it.

This made me think a lot and focus my writing on important elements of the story. Easier said than done, but once you go methodic, it’s like cutting weak words, your text suddenly  convey great prose and ideas.

I planned my scenes every night and tried to get excited about them until my next writing session. I used Plan your scenes in 11 different steps. My scenes ended being pretty detailed just before my writing sessions.

I tried to stick to my original plan as much as possible and not jump around the story. I tried to be disciplined and I wrote my story in order, which gave me neatest first draft ever. 10 chapters and a lot of scenes are perfectly ordered.I picture future me, who’s deep in revising mode, shaking hands with present me for this initiative.


The over all result : I wrote a lot during sessions of 2-3 hours each. my average word count was nearly 2k words a day but I remember vividly  other times when 4k were almost usual.

I produced a draft that has been read by my eyes only and that I’d like to revise.

That’s a victory rewarded by a week of procrastination

Yes, I know, I know, you guys expected a new post from me a few weeks ago.
That’s the charm of life. It never happens the way we plan it.

As you may already know it, I won NaNoWriMo for the 5th time last week. 5 times in 6 participation. That’s something I wanted to take time to enjoy entirely. So I took time, and quite honestly, enjoying my accomplishment translated into sleeping a lot. Sleeping in and taking naps are two things I had forgotten about since becoming a mother. So much sleep was a real treat.

This last NaNoWriMo is the first that felt really enjoyable. I tried to unplug my control freak brain and let the creative one take over. The result has been quite immediate. I had several 4k words sessions that did not end in creative burn out.  This was sweet.

The sweetest thing of all this adventure was people checking on me : Louise, Anand and Kartik. They made me feel truly privileged and cared. Without support, creative goals are hard to achieve. Their support meant the word to me. So thank you guys sooooo much.

As you might know, Louise is my accomplice in writing mischief. Anand is shedding his love and light on WordPress. He’s a true believer in kindness and a breather. Kartik, beside being a dear friend from the NaNo community, is a film director and a great writer (and a deep POV master). His films are powerful, poetic… real odes to cultural diversity.
Do not hesitate to check their websites and/or social account, they are very inspiring.

What’s coming next now ?

Changes. Important changes. I came up with a draft I Iike dearly, the first one in a long time. I would like to see it published which means it will require time, a lot of it. I won’t be able to keep posting as much as I did before NaNoWriMo, but as I told you guys many times before, this blog and its readers are very very important to me.

Organization is key

I’m still figuring out how to combine daily life, writing, and blogging. My To Do lists don’t do the trick anymore so I’m looking into organizing techniques.

I’d be very grateful if you guys had any tips, insights, leads. I’d really like to find balance between all my activities.

Are any of you in the planner band wagon ?


Post NaNoWriMo Launch Jealousy : Don’t

I vividly remember the first year I participated in NaNoWriMo. It was a time of discovery, a time of hope, a time of overwhelming excitement. I was finally giving myself a chance of carrying the writer tag among others. Nothing tamed my enthusiasm.
Not my engagement and fast wedding, not my job hunt, not the astonishingly cold and snowy fall.

I went to the kick-off party just like Charly entered the chocolate factory and enjoyed every single moment of it. Even the huge following migraine. That was part of the game, wasn’t it. And I was pretty proud of myself for having written 3400 words the first night.

Then, I logged on the official NaNoWriMo site and felt my heart drop in my socks. Some wrimos had already written 5, 10, 15 even 20 k. How was that even possible ? They were cheating I was sure, they were only bragging and trolling the forum in order to discourage others. I was disgusted, I was upset by the image of myself it sent back to me. How could I call myself a writer if I wasn’t even able to keep up with them ? They would end NaNoWriMo way sooner before me and rejoice in seeing me struggle to reach the deadline.

I was hurt. And I was wrong.

Hopefully for me, I had a novel project that was very dear to me and it kept calling me back to the keyboard.
No amount of sulking or blaming others would change the fact that all my novel needed was my work.
And my sulking and blaming would never stop the others from writing and bragging about it, but it would certainly put my novel and my wordcount to an halt.

As I went back to work, I saw my wordcount grow word after word and started slowly growing confidence in my ability to win NaNoWriMo and write the first draft of a novel in a month.

What I understand from the situation now, after several participations in NaNoWriMo

These reactions were symptoms of my own insecurities and my own crazy expectations about what I would be doing with my writing. They also came from a deep misconception of what NaNoWriMo is and further of what writing is.

NaNoWriMo has no other goal than make its participants write daily for a month. Its only rewards are a winner certificate PDF and some coupons for products sold by NaNoWriMo’s official sponsors. The real reward for winning NaNoWriMo is the joy and pride of having been able to push back your own personal boundaries and committed yourself to a writing project. It’s highly personal and individual. There is no cup, no rank, no grant, no prize, no champion title.

Actually there isn’t any competition at all.

Our first job as writers is to be committed to our text(s), not watch what or how much the others are writing.

Because our creativity is unique there is no one else but ourself who can make use of it the way we would do it. Envying the other while working on a creative endeavor is a waste of energy and time.

More than that, we are in no place to tell others what they should be doing with their creativity and/or writing, and even less how they should do it.

How does someone become a fast writer ?

The first answer that always comes to mind is the easiest one. It’s usually a version of « Fast writers write crap ».

That’s both dismissive and revealing about how you feel about your own work.

There are actually techniques to help people write faster. Some writers have even written books about it.

1- Think before you write. Writers who work on their plot and plan their writing session do not have to think about where there characters will go next because they already know it.

2 – Know your characters and universe.  Most fast writers benefit from the fact that they have created their narrative universe a long time ago. They are done with their exploration phase and when they start writing, they do not need to think that much about characterization, description and setting. The job has already been done, they can focus on action which has more momentum and is funnier to write, hence to keep them writing or hours.

3 – Stick at your keyboard and put in the hours.  There is no hack nor secret when it comes to writing for quantity. Sure, there are tricks to add length to words but for the most part, people with huge word counts stick to their keyboards for hours and write. They do not watch TV, they do not go to the movies, they do not attend parties, they do not worry about the pile of laundry, they write and write and write and write. Most take days off from their jobs to put in the writing hours and others even stocked their freezer with food in order not to lose time cooking. Writing becomes their only goal for a month. Next time you find yourself doing something else than writing and think about these people with offensive wordcounts, just remember they certainly are writing at this very moment.

4- Learn to adapt your workstation as much as you can
I felt I had the potential to go beyond the 50 K but never actually did it because of ergonomics. The last two years felt like torture to me because my shoulders would hurt so much I could not even turn my head. I first invested in a keyboard and found relief, but if was only temporary, my desk chair wasn’t adequate.
I bought one for 30€ on LeBonCoin, our local equivalent of CraigsList, and found even more comfort but my shoulders kept hurting.
Except when I was at work.
I was lucky enough to work on a Mac, the one with the keyboard that did not cause my wrists and fingers to hurt, so I made the big decision to invest.

Others go even further and change for a BEPO/Dvorak keyboard, take typing lessons or are lucky enough to work all year long thanks to their typing abilities.

Fast typing does not happen by accident, astronomic wordcounts neither.

5- Keep your expectations in check
Most of the time, I compare NaNoWriMo to the Olympic Games because it has a lot in common with them.
You would never pretend to equal Olympic champions the first year you practice a sport, would you ?

Well, that’s the same with NaNoWriMo. Would you try to compare yourself to someone who has already done it or won it 10 times on your first participation  ?


Even first time wonders who won several medals at their first participation in the Olympic Games had in fact trained for years before entering the Olympics.

It is the same with NaNoWriMo. You don’t go from writing close to zero words a day to 10k per day without a serious amount of training.

There are veterans around the site who have reached the keyboard ninja warrior level. They are wizards and they’ll be far ahead of you in the forth coming days.

And that’s Ok.
Yep, that’s fine.

Most of them give you an example of what you can become in a few years from now should you chose to follow the keyboard wizard path.
And you know what ?
Most of them would certainly be delighted to share their tricks and tips if you asked them nicely.

Still have some doubts ?

Maybe it’s time to explore your motivations for doing NaNoWriMo. Why did you enter ?
What do you expect to take from this experience ?
How does comparing yourself to the others help you achieve your goal ?
How can you focus back on your writing project ?

Celery allergy and no kick off for me

It seems like the universe had a plan for me tonight and it  did not include me going to the local NaNoWriMo Kick off party. 

I’m pissed, I’m bummed but I tried to make the best of my situation.

Why is that ? Yesterday, I visited my parents with my daughter and mom had prepared chicken, steam potatoes and celery purée. nothing unusual, nothing too exotic. But a few hours after lunch, I had red and teary yes. Then My nose started to run and, as if it wasn’t enough, my face started swelling. But I had to go back home and I was confident I had ad hoc drugs at home. But I didn’t. My husband had finished the last box of anti allergy drug just a couple days ago. And this drug is on prescription only.

I had to call the 15 (our local 911) to ask for assistance. They were kind enough to understand my situation and send me a doctor at home. He arrived shortly after 9 pm and diagnosed a celery allergy.
I later looked at the symptoms chart, and yes it seems like I’m a perfect school case. What I did not expect is how seriously he took the situation. During the interview, he asked me if I had already gone at the hospital for an allergy, which I have in the beginning of the year, information I had already given to the 15. The doctor started by giving me cortisone and an anti allergy drug I did not know. He also asked me not to move to far from home during 2 days and call 15 if I felt any discomfort. He finally prescribed a 10  days treatment and recommended to evict celery from my alimentation for at least a year. He was pretty concerned the first reaction was so strong, the next one would be a « send ambulance immediately kind of emergency ».

It does not change many things in my daily life because celery isn’t one of my favorite vegetables but it does exclude a lot of processed food like tomato sauce and vegetable bouillon cubes. Hopefully for us, I do cook a lot of fresh products.

But for today, it did stop me from going to NaNoWriMo local kick off party mostly because I’m trying to be responsible but also because I didn’t want to ruin the party in the eventuality I needed more medical attention.

Instead of brooding all day long I decided to make a Halloween diner for my little family. My mother in law has offered me a pumpkin a few days ago and I wanted to test two recipes : pumpkin purée and pumpkin french pie with Italian meringue. We have already finished diner and the pumpkin purée was delicious. The pumpkin pie is still in the making but I’m pretty confident it will become a regular feature on Halloween.

Me staying at home did help us somehow.

Indeed, for the first time, I have noticed Halloween is a becoming a thing in France this year. I saw many disguised kids in the streets today and  I took a clue from it. Since we’re new in our block (Yes new, even if we’ve been living here for several months now. It’s a local thing. It usually takes around 2 years to be integrated around here), I did not want us to become the new morons so I bought candies  to distribute. Kids started showing up around 6 pm.

First, the youngest who were so impressed is was heart melting, then the teenagers who really made an effort of imagination for the occasion. I did see a Bryan May zombie with spiders in his wig.

This trick or treat evening  gave me the opportunity to discuss with neighbors I had not met yet and our daughter met kids she’ll be able to play with . She also looted a candy every time someone showed up at the door. That was a real treat for her : candies are usually not granted a visa to enter our home. Bad dental genes are to be blamed for this policy.

Even if I’m very tired but fine and made myself busy to forget the disappointment, my mind and heart are with the wrimos partying tonight.

I’ll log in the IRC chan and cyber celebrate he beginning of NaNoWriMo but it won’t be the same.

Last days before NaNoWriMo

We are just a few days before NaNoWriMo begins and I’m up to the neck in preparation mode, hence my dramatic decrease of post publication.

I’m done with the plot development and now, I’m deep in the scene list. My estimation for my novel turns around 40 of 2000 words But I know I have a tendency to write less than necessary. 40 isn’t a huge number of scenes but still, its enough to give me a lot of work and take all my spare time during the day.

I hope to be able to share my NaNoWriMo experience with you, especially since my blog will officially pass from daily main writing task to oh so charming procrastination.

My objective is to write a weekly account of my experience. I have thought of a daily account but I know this won’t last more than a couple of days.

I’ll insert a word counter in a widget so everyone of you can check on my progress from time to time.

I do value my readers very very much and i’m truly grateful for each and every one of my subscribers. I’ hope you will enjoy following this new adventure as much as you’ve enjoyed following the previous ones.

NaNoWriMo 2015 : How I prepare my novel

In 2013, I was concerned about Logistic aspects, in 20014 I wanted to work on the characters and the plot, but like all the previous years, it was difficult for me to build one that could actually work completely.

This year, I’ve changed my method of preparation. I’ve started way sooner and I worked mainly on the plot
autumn-688111_640I made myself write and publish everyday during summer. I wanted to establish a writing habit and get bette in the « shown don’t tell ».This summer writing challenge turned out to be quite an amazing experience during which i’ve learned a lot.

dancing-dave-minion-510835_640I did free writing with many characters, in different situations. I wanted to find their voices and feel how their exchanges would sound before throwing them in the infernal rythm of the NaNoWriMo. I also learned a lot and I thin k I’ll do a post about it in the following weeks.

blogging-universityI followed  Blogging University .  (Blogging 101, Blogging 201, Writing 101 and Writing 201 : Poetry).

What’s the correlation will you ask ? They push you out of your comfort zone and help you experience writing under different angles, find inspiration in places you would never have thought of before and for Blogging 101 et 201 to consider your readers point of view. It is really helpful when it comes to enter the mind of a character and adapt writing and speech patterns to its persona.

libbiehawkerI read Libbie Hawker’s book Take off your Pants ! : Outline your book for faster and better writing.

This is the first boo, I read that does not describe a linear way of plotting. It invites you to think of your characters before diving into plotting. No structure and plot point speeches, only a list of steps to follow. The writers walks your through everyone one of them, it’s very enjoyable and reassuring.

Result : I have a written plot that works and that I have been bale to submit to my beta’s the first time in 4 years that this happens.

Libbie Hawker’s book is greatly inspired by John Truby’s works but I find it way more accessible because you can apply its method right away.

And you, what’s it your preparation method for NaNoWriMo ?

NaNoWriMo 2015 : La préparation de mon roman

Cette année, je me suis penché sur un aspect particulier de la préparation de mon NaNo.

En 2013, j’avais privilégié la logistique en2014, j’ai voulu travailler les personnages en profondeur et aussi le plot, mais comme pour les deux dernières années, j’ai eu du mal à le faire tenir debout.

Cette année, j’ai décidée de changer ma méthode de préparation. Je m’y suis prise beaucoup plus à l’avance et j’ai travaillé le plot avant les personnages.

Cela signifie :
autumn-688111_640Je me suis astreinte tout l’été à écrire et publier tous les jours pour instaurer le plus tôt possible une habitude d’écriture et me perfectionner dans la mise en scène des situations. C’était mon défi d’écriture de l’été et j’avoue que je suis assez contente du résultat.

dancing-dave-minion-510835_640J’ai fait de l’écriture libre avec différents personnages, différentes situations. Je voulais trouver la voix des personnages et la texture de leurs échanges avant de les jeter dans le rythme infernal du NaNoWriMo. Cette expérience aussi m’a appris beaucoup et je pense que je ferais un post à ce sujet dans les semaines à venir.
blogging-universityJ’ai suivi les cours de la Blogging University de WordPress.  (Blogging 101, Blogging 201, Writing 101 et en ce moment Writing 201 : Poetry).
Quel est le rapport avec le NaNo me demanderez-vous ? Ils vous incitent à envisager l’écriture sous des angles différents, à trouver l’inspiration dans des sources différentes et inattendues et pour Blogging 101 et 201 à considérer le point de vue de votre lecteur. C’est très instructif, notamment pour se mettre ensuite dans la peau de différents personnages et adapter son  écriture à leur style et leurs manières de s’exprimer.

libbiehawkerJ’ai lu le livre de Libbie Hawker Take off your Pants ! : Outline your book for faster and better writing. C’est le premier livre qui ne décrit pas une méthode linéaire de plotting et qui vous incite à réfléchir d’abord à vos personnages et leur désirs avant de vous lancer dans le plotting. Pas de discours sur la structure en X actes, de plot points,. Juste une suite logique d’étapes à franchir. L’auteur vous accompagne pas à pas, c’est très agréable.
Résultat : j’ai réussi à écrire noir sur blanc un plot qui tient la route et que j’ai pus soumettre à ma bêta lectrice. C’est la première fois en 4 ans que cela se produit et que mon plot ne contient pas d’incohérences. Ce livre s’inspire en grande partie des écrits de John Truby mais je l’ai trouvé beaucoup plus accessible, notamment parce que ses conseils sont applicables immédiatement.

Et vous, quelle est votre méthode  de préparation du NaNoWriMo ?

Journal de préparation du NaNo : Création de monde

Je m’attarde dans un rêve éveillé, celui de mon conte  à propos d’une princesse extra terrestre subjuguées par un cowboy de l’espace alors qu’elle porte le deuil de son mentor adoré.

Je vois des chambres ornementées, je vois de longues vues de terre verdoyante et des photos époustouflantes d’espace immaculé et de jolies planètes, je vois le cowboy de l’espace dans sa combinaison d’astronaute chatoyante, et j’imagine son accent charmant.

Mais le passage où je dois décider quelles règles s’appliquent et comment le monde de la princesse est gouverné est vraiment ennuyeux. Ma princesse est sensée vivre dans une superbe république paisible mais en danger. je ne sais même pas ce que cela veut dire ! Je suis certaine que la vivacité d’esprit de Bianca sera parfaite pour le vernis de civilités dont j’ai besoin.

Shiny Duchess : B !!! J’ai besoin de ton aide .
Dazzling Bianca : Pas maintenant D. Je suis très occupée.
Shiny Duchess : B. sérieusement, c’est une urgence.
Dazzling Bianca : A moins que la gorge de ton chat ait été tranchée avec un rasoir rouillé, je m’en fous.
Ok, j’ai besoin d’un appât. Quelque chose qui a de la valeur, précieux, éternel.

Shiny Duchess : Je donnerai ton nom à un de mes personnages.
Dazzling Bianca : Essaie encore. Le loup garou sexy werewolf enlève sa chemise.
Shiny Duchess : Je donnerai ton nom à la princesse extra terrestre.
Dazzling Bianca : Ok. Tu m’as pourri la scène. Quoi ?
Je peux entendre son soupir exaspéré. Là, il faut y aller en douceur. Réfléchis D, réfléchis.

Shiny Duchess : Mon histoire est bordélique. J’abandonne.
Dazzling Bianca : Bien ! Tes jours de misère  d’écriture sont terminés. Prends un Pumpkin Spice Latte, regarde Des jours et des vies et dis m’en plus à propos de ce jeune jardinier que ta voisine a embauché.
Maintenant j’ai son attention.

Shiny Duchess : Je suis dégoûtée. Je ne peux pas abandonner ma princesse extra terrestre. Elle est devenue réelle pour moi, comme mon  grand bébé bizarre, une ado qui a besoin d’être guidée et conseillée.
Je suis si futée. la carte de l’adolescente. je sais que B. ne peux pas y resister.

Dazzling Bianca : Qu’est-ce qui ne va pas ?
Bingo !

Shiny Duchess : Ma création de monde craint. Je ne sais pas choisir les règles qui s’appliquent.
Dazzling Bianca : No problemo. Regarde Star Wars et copie les Naboos.
Shiny Duchess : Les quoi  ???
Dazzling Bianca : Ne te prends pas la tête.  Fais comme si cela se passait dans l’espace, habille tes personnages de beaux vêtements et donne leur des noms torturés.N’oublie pas d’ajouter des crocodiles de l’espace pour le côté exotique.
ça fait une tonne de boulot.

Shiny Duchess :  Une tyrannie serait plus drôle à écrire. Moins de règles, plus de tragédie.
Dazzling Bianca :  Une république en danger n’exclue pas l’essor de la tyrannie et de trahison. A nouveau, Star Wars, Naboo . . .
Mais de quoi parle-t-elle bon sang ?

Shiny Duchess : Tu peux me faire une liste des thèmes à aborder dns la création de monde ?
Dazzling Bianca : Police, armée, clergé, société civile…
Shiny Duchess : Je peux en choisir un dans la liste ?
Je choisis le Clergé. Il donne toujours un air si romantique aux histoires d’amour impossibles.

Dazzling Bianca : Non, ce n’est pas une ligne d’identification de suspects. Tu dois travailler sur tous ces sujets.
Shiny Duchess : Mais, l’écriture n’est-elle pas sensée être amusante ?
Dazzling Bianca : Oui, autant qu’une chirurgie à coeur ouvert dans une salle remplie de vautours..
J’ai l’impression qu’elle se moque de moi, là.

NaNoWriMo : Checklist pour passer une kick-off géniale (infographie

Une soirée magique

La soirée de lancement du NaNoWriMo, la kick-off, est un instant magique pour tous ceux qui y participent. De l’ambiance bon enfant au silence total envahissant les locaux quelques minutes avant minuit, chaque minute apportera son lot de souvenirs. Autant qu’ils soient positifs.


Je vous propose 3 checklists de préparation cadencée à j-7, j-3 et le jour j.
Cela couvre la logistique, l’informatique et la préparation personnelle

Une infographie à télécharger

Pour être sûr de ne rien oublier, je vous propose  ces 3 checklists réunies dans une infographie à télécharger ci-dessous.
Cliquez dessus, elle apparaitra en taille normale, puis faites un clic droit>enregistrer sous. J’espère qu’elle vous aidera à ne rien oublier.

Bonne kick-off à tous.

Checklists kick off

25 Signs You’re Addicted To NaNoWriMo : The Preparation Phase

It’s the beginning of October, NaNoWriMo is approaching and excitement rises everyday.

Mlle Louise and I have written an article you can share with your NaNo buddies and have a good time : 25 Signs You’re Addicted To NaNoWriMo : The Preparation Phase.

Please do not hesitate to share your score in the comments section and add any symptom we might have forgotten 😉


1/ Not only you know who Chris Baty is but you worship him.

2/You know all the lyrics of the NaNoWriMo song by heart. You also the lyrics of Eroll’ « Im the very Model of A Wrimo individual »

3/ You’ve chosen your note book for NaNoWrimo 2015 in December 2014, bought 2 others – jus to be sure – and 7 pens of your favorite brand. One never knows.

4/You log in the NaNoWriMo site everyday starting July 1st just to check if the reboot has already happened. It’s not your first NaNo, you know the reboot doesn’t happen before october, but keep on login – 100% loyal. And, of course, this is not an excuse for procrastination. Not at all.

5/ You type on your cellphone in a sort of frenzy anytime, day and and night. No Argument by texts : simply working on your next novel. These characters are not going to design themselves alone.

6/ You actually have learned to type properly.

7/ You changed your keayboard for one that’s suppose to make you type faster.

8/ You spent summer trying all writing apps. You want to be able to work on your NaNo while taking a train, 2 buses and elevator to the 17th floor.

9/ You follow an exercise program to be fit during NaNo.

10/ You read all the creative writing books you could put your hand on.

11/ You polished your viking helmet.


12/ You know the difference between a plot bunny and a plot ninja.

13/You’ve complained about plot bunnies for weeks but panic if none show up during two days.

14/ You know the difference between a catapult and a trebuchet.

15/ You consider changing your laptop only to have new space to put new the NaNoWriMo stickers on it.

16/ No plot No problem is your moto.

17/ The words ”meet and greet” and “kick-off party » send you in a transe.

18/ For you, October 31st isn’t Halloween anymore, it’s NaNoWriMo kick off party.

19/You know if your a  planner or a pantser, and proudly expose you team badge on your  blog.



20/ you’ve emptied your social calendar, sent the cat, the goldfish and the kids to the grand parents’. Your partner too.

21/ You’ve renewed your stash of cardboard plats, processed meals and disposable panties for November.

22/ You’re coffee maker endured an extreme make over to be on top if its game.

23/ Semper Fi to the wrimo’s motto « sugar is life », you reward yourself with a candy every 100 words. Hence you took an appointment with your dentist on December 1st.

24/ Your pharmacist stocked vitamins for you. He is supporting you. But only in November, alright ? He trusts you.

25/ Numerous and mysterious strategic meetings appeared at lunch time on your Google agenda. You don’t want to waist time lunching with your colleagues. You need the time to type those 354 words that’ll help you reach your daily word count.