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The Great Book of lists, chapter 5.1 : People who inspired you

This week, Jartagnan suggested a theme that is very dear to his heart and kindly accepted to write its prompt.

You too can suggest a them or a subject on which you’d like to write a list. You just have to go to the blog’s contact page or to the blog’s Facebook page.

Without further ado, I’m letting Jartagnan speak for himself.

It’s not about Dedcartes, Churchill, Coelho ou any other inspiring thinkers, whose quotes flourish the internet and the social networks.

No, this week is about a list of real people, unknown (or almost) to the world who had a real impact on our life.

Sometimes, just a little thing, a park, a teacher’s precepts, a piece of advice from a friend, you surely had such encounters in your life,  or people who did little but changed the face of your world.

So much gratitude an so many memories for these little but so significant inspirations


Here is my list of people who have inspired me :

My father
He is an optimist who often says nobody’s sheltered form a strike of luck. This way of seeing life has often allowed me to open my eyes and spot opportunities I could have missed.

My mother
Just like all researchers, she’s never satisfied with apparences nor averageness. It’s her fault I’m a nerd… and a star wars fan 😉
My grand father
He was a very wise man, never afraid to show a great tolerance but he fought like a lion to protect his family.  A man of great love, a wordsmith and a great cook.

Gordon Ramsay

Yes, an english chef. I like his common sense and how he’s demanding in a kitchen. I apply his motos everyday in my kitchen : cook in a clean and tidy kitchen, no more than 5 ingredients in a recipe, always taste, aso.
When I’m lost in between many recipes, I often wonder what would Gordon do.

Bernard Werber Douglas Kennedy
I have been lucky enough to meet them both. They do influence the way I approach writing. They see writing as a craft that needs to be practiced every day. Their discipline is incredible.


Le Grand Livre des Listes, chapitre 5.1 : Les gens qui vous ont inspiré

Cette semaine, Jartagnan a proposé un thème qui lui tient à coeur et il a gentiment accepté d’en écrire la présentation. 

Vous pouvez tous proposer/suggérer des thèmes sur lesquels vous aimeriez faire des listes. Il vous suffit pour ça de passer par la page contact du blog ou de me laisser un message sur la page Facebook du blog.

Sans plus attendre, je m’efface pour laisser la place aux mots de Jartagnan.
Il ne s’agit pas là de Descartes, Churchill, Coelho ou toutes ces penseurs inspirants, dont les citations pullulent sur le net et les réseaux sociaux.

Non, il s’agit là d’une liste de gens réels, des inconnus (ou presque) aux yeux du monde qui ont eu un véritable impact dans votre vie.

Parfois pas grand chose, un cadeau, une étincelle, les préceptes d’un professeur, le conseil d’une amie, vous avez surement eu dans votre vie des rencontres et des gens qui ont fait un petit rien qui a tout changé par la suite….

Beaucoup de souvenir et de gratitudes donc pour ces petites inspirations déterminantes..


Sans attendre, voici la liste des personnes qui m’ont inspirées :

Mon père
C’est un optimiste  qui dit souvent que personne n’est à l’abris d’un coup de bol. Cette façon de voir m’a souvent permis d’ouvrir les yeux et d’identifier des opportunités à côté desquelles j’aurais pu facilement passer.

Ma mère
Comme tous les enseignants-chercheurs, elle ne se contente ni des apparences ni de la moyenne. Si je suis une nerd, c’est en partie de sa faute 😉 et Star Wars aussi…

Mon grand-père
Un homme d’une très grande sagesse, qui n’a jamais eu peur de faire preuve d’une très grande tolérance mais qui s’est battu comme un lion pour sa famille. C’est lui aussi qui m’a donné le goût de la cuisine bien faite.

Gordon Ramsay
Oui, un chef anglais. J’apprécie son exigence et son bon sens en cuisine. J’applique ses préceptes tous les jours : cuisiner dans une cuisine propre, pas plus de 5 ingrédients dans une recette, toujours tester ses plats, etc.
Lorsque je suis perdue en cuisine, je me demande souvent ce que ferait Gordon.

Bernard Werber Douglas Kennedy
J’ai eu la chance de les rencontrer tous les deux. Ils influencent mon approche du travail d’écriture. Ils conçoivent le métier d’auteur comme celui d’un artisan des mots qui parfait son art au quotidien; Leur discipline est incroyable .


TGBOL, Chapter 4.1 : Groceries

Hi guys. Times does fly by and I got caught in too many things to deal upfront with to even find time to post last week’s theme. Sorry. But I am back now with a theme that was suggested by TGBOL author Jartagnan.

He suggested we should do a short lasting list, something we can come up quickly with and that might not be true anymore the following week. Some of you also hinted they craved for an easy list to write down.

We’ve had several new TGBOL authors joining in during the last weeks, so let me reiterate my message : TGBOL is an open weekly challenge. Suggestions are more than welcome and I am always happy to share suggestions with the rest of our listers community. Don’t hesitate to suggest a list them.
The suggestion did resonate in me because my  grocery list has drastically changed since the beginning of the year because I have finally come around the fact that I do have food allergies and that I need to own the situation and, better, be on top of it. I might write a post about the process I’m going through if you guys are interested. Let me know in the comment section.
So this week, we are going to write down our grocery list.

It’s a recurrent exercise for many of us, it has the potential to be a quick and easy one.
It’s also a snapshot of a very particular moment in the year/month/life of someone.
And it tells a lot about who we are.

Since TGBOL authors are from all stages of life and spread around the world, I’m pretty sure we’ll discover a lot.


My Grocery List


Bell pepers
Butternut squash
Green Beans

Blue berries

Cashew nuts
Hazel nuts
Pecan nuts


Proteines (Whole, what’s available)

Brocolis, Romanesco cabbage

Coca Cola zero
Fruit Juice (100%, no added sugar)
Green tea with mint


Here are all current TGBOLers :

KenLadylee, Selena, Ms GoliathAmyArwenLaurenRosemary,Jacqueline, Al,TJ,Maria,Angel,Sybil, Cach, Jartagnan,Jennifer,Lauraline,Judy,Esoria,JeanMandibelle , KatMarie, Maëlysand Louise !

Check their blogs, check their lists, and if you feel like joining us in this great adventure : don’t hesitate.

It’s very simple.

Write a post, insert the TGBOL tag and a ping back the this article if you participate this week. The ping back and the TGBOL tags are very important : they allow me to know about your contribution and include you in the TGBOL authors list of the week.

You can suggest a theme or ask a question in the comments section.

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