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She’s unique

Amanda held a picture right under the nose of her favorite forensic doctor

– What do you see ?
– A mess. Clothes spread all other the room. Yolanda’s voice was equal until she narrowed her eyelids. Oh, look, there are some above the bookshelf too.
– The suspect’s impulsive ?
– Nope. Look closer. She’s prioritizing.

Yolanda pointed an area on the picture, a drawer was wide open.

– Closet nuts ? tried Amanda.
– Socks are sorted by color and prints.Creative and organized, answered Yolanda while doing a little victory dance on her seat. She’s unique.

Amanda whistled between her teeth.

– We should hire her.

– Definitely.


This post is an answer to the daily post prompt of the day : Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Mint stuffed chocolate toffee

Gia climbed the steps up to Jack’s workshop. She helped herself in as she knew he would not her her knock. Just at the right of the door, Jack’s bed was perfectly put, his clean clothes neatly folded on his faux Louis XV chair, his pictures frames aligned on his night stand.

She turned her head, pushing back her hair on her shoulders and put two fingers in her mouth. She did whistle loud and clear enough to make Jack turn off his soldering Iron. Sparkles dropped on the floor and he raised his mask on top of his head.

“What do you want ?”

“An envelope arrived for you.”

“Put it on my bed before leaving please.”

Gia hesitated

“It’s got an indian stamp.”

Jack breathed in loudly, slammed his mask down and resumed smoldering.

Sparkles flew again and Gia saw the magic in his work but she also saw the furtive monster of denial spreading his shadow on Jack’s energy. She walked a little farther into the workshop and knocked a pipe with a carbon tube she found on the floor.

“Do you have any idea how much that costs ?” Jack yelled in his mask.

“I know a spoiled brat when I see one. Pricy gadgets and a cool attitude don’t make up for snubbing the opportunity of meeting with your family. You’re lame Rutherford.”

Jack stopped had stopped his work. He slowly took off his helmet, turned of his gear and stood up. He walk slowly toward Gia, head down, brows united.

“ You killed your families, both genetic and adoptive. What do you know about family ties ?”

Gia swallowed her need to punch him in the face, tried to remember why she was trying to help this man despite his prejudices against her and kept looking straight in his eyes.

“If I had an uncle fond of Nehru Jackets who had disappeared when I was six, I’d do anything to find him and try to make the good times happen again.”
Gia took her breath and added “Especially if I received a letter from India.”

Jack walked toward his bed and took the framed picture of his uncle in his hands as Gia dropped the letter on his bed walked trough the door. Andrew did wear a green jacket with a mandarin collar and he did mention the lack of a proper indian tailor in the city.

“It was my parents.”

Gia paused on the top stair.

“They disappeared when I was six. Andy disappeared last year.”

“Then, what don’t you go and give the six years old boy the happy ending he deserves ?”

Gia rushed down  the stairways only followed by the light noise of her steps.

“They don’t make mint stuffed chocolate toffee anymore” Jack answered.


This post is an answer to today’s prompt on the Daily Post : Life’s a candystore.

Potato liquor kind of case

This story is an answer to today’s prompt from the Daily post : From the top.

Amanda entered Yolande’s lab with a puzzled look and a bottle of vodka wrapped in a napkin. She sat in front of the microscope and just counted up to four and as usual…

“You’re blocking my sun honey”, Yolande joked, pointing at the bulb hanging from the ceiling.

“A couple of shots ?” offered the blue haired girl.

Yolanda finally raised her head from the microscope’s eyepiece.

“Alcohol.You had a rough day ?”

Amanda stood up and fetched two vials on the counter behind her. She handed them over the table and tried to opened the vodka bottle with her fingertips.

“Come on”, Yolanda said, “Give that baby.”

Amanda frowned her nose and obliged.

« Cold vodka? But you hate cold vodka. »

Amanda nodded.

« It’s that bad then? » Yolande asked and offered a full via of potato liquor to her lover.

“I came across this man this evening…”
Yolanda pointed at a pile of files and parcels.

“Come on honey, short version. General Diane still expects me to turn these tests results by the end of the day”.

“He offered me to do it all over again” Amanda explained.

“Do what ?”

“ My life, all over again” she answered emptying her vial all at once.

Yolande felt her blood turn into ice.

“Ancient magic ? I never liked these monks, no wonder you’re messed up”

Amanda raised her head, lips shivering.

“I would do it, without a second of hesitation” she said hastily.”I would’nt have to plug my bionic leg to the wall everynight, I wouldn’t have to exercise for hours just to be able to move around with my robotic limb. I wouldn’t be a freakshow. I would have a normal life.”

Yolande felt her heart sink and get stuck in her guts.

“But I can’t” Amanda finally admits, trembling.

“Why ?”

“Because  I wouldn’t meet you”.

I Polish, my love, I Polish

This post is an answer to today’s prompt on the DailyPost : Young and rested.

– What are you doing ?
– I polish, my love, I polish.
– Why ? It’s 3 O’clock in the morning.
– Elliott doesn’t check his watch when it comes to crushing the opponent. I wanna be ready. I still have to sand this piece before screwing it to my leg.
– It’s ready ?
 Almost. Jack did a wonderful job with the engineering.
– You really seem to bloom.
– I thrive under pressure. Actually I feel like an over excited kid.Throw a reptile in the middle, I’ll grow wings.
– Poor Elliott, he really doesn’t stand a chance.