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TGBOL 5.2 & 5.3 : the elements of my day and So far so good

I havn’t been able to post last week because of infernal seasonal allergies but the theme I had chosen still feels relevant.

And this week’s theme is supposed to be a corner stone is this year’s TGBOL, so let’s begin.

The elements of my day.

The idea for this list comes from Brandon Burchard’s day planner. As a snapshot of your current life, it will allow you to leave a trace of what your days are made of, what you truly enjoy and what you’re really looking for.

So, just this once here are the instructions to build your list :

  • quickly jolt you to do list
  • what are the 3 things you are excited about today
  • what are the 3 things you are truly thankful for today

Here are The elements of my day

Quick To do list

  • drop at and pick kid at preschool
  • cook all three meals according to
  • write write write and write
  • send resumes

The three things I’m excited about today

  • opening the May Scrawlrbox
  • working on my manuscript
  • playing dinosaure’s world with my kid

The three things I’m thankful for

  • being able to spend time on my writing
  • my family
  • the rain that tames my seasonal allergies

So far so good

We’re heading towards midyear and I though it would be interesting to take a look at what has changed in our life , what has evolved, what is still going on and strong  since the beginning of the year and the launch of TGBOL.

So far so good

Since the beginning of the year ;

  • I’ve changed the way I eat out of necessity
  • I’ve lost weight
  • I’m still baking on a very regular basis,
  • I’m learning a strategic new skill (But Ush until I pass the exam 🙂 )
  • I’m learning a new way to express my creativity : drawing.