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Creative Revolution e-course

I have been lucky enough to be granted a scholarship for Flora Bowley’s creative revolution e-course.
This means I’m embarking in a seven weeks of creative, intuitive and completely new art-venture. I’m a little bit fidgety right now I must admit.

The course is designed to help its students develop their creativity via a series of creative exercises, meditations and yoga exercises.

It has started on June 5th and so far I’ve tried two exercises : Visual Riffing and Watercolor meditation.

I never really thought this kind of simple exercises would unlock so many things in me but Visual Riffing did.

New forms and patterns showed up in my grid at my first attempt and I’m really happy about it. A rooster showed up in my grid with a circle, a brick wall and a poppy made their way in my grid with a triangle.

My 4 year old daughter also tried the visual riffing exercise and she was absolutely delighted about it. She first treated it like a coloring page but could not resist the temptation to work according to her own imagination.

Since I decided to complete my creative journey with drawing and painting courses, I have gone in a lot of directions, looking for my ‘style’, my voice and I feel this course is going to help me think less and let my intuition lead the way.

❤ always.


Inspiration exists but it has to find you at work.