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They lied to my cat

Once upon a time I was very worried
What people might think about me

But then came the day they lied
To my friends, to my cat, and to me

Not a big deal, I was actually relieved
I didn’t need them at all to be happy

Crazy happy, I mean,  and to succeed
At what I love the most : writing stories

This poem is an aswer to the daily post prompt pf the day : Phobia, schmobia

She’s never very far/ Elle n’est jamais très loin

Luna dort soit dans sa boite de transport, à mes pieds, ou sur mon clavier !

Luna either sleeps in her travelling box at my feet of on my keyboard !


Vue d’écriture du 8 août


When I turn my head left. Writing view, august 8 th.

Not the cat you like (august 7th)


As I open my tired tiny laptop
And watch my Facebook window pop
I have to realize quite quickly
Someone has been busy lately

I hear imitation is flattery
Someone must really like me
Please meet my copycat
Who has no idea in its hat

From pics to caption
From themes to layout
Seems like today’s fashion
Is take all and no payout.

I won’t scream fight or yell
For I best know how to repel
An ugly weewil in disguise
And in the meantime be wise

I’ll simply say : get off my ass
Or you will taste my sass


This post is an answer to today’s Dailypost prompt  :  Through the window.

This story is a part of my summer writing challenge : writing a 100 word story everyday, the 28 th installment.

As you usual, when something gets on my nerves, I write a poem :).

You can read all the details of my challenge and my reasons for doing it (and not CampNaNoWriMo) here.

I hope you will like today’s story and please do not hesitate to leave a comment.