NaNo Prep is really too hard

September.Week day. 10pm.

Is it already September? Argh times does fly by. I need to insert NaNo prep time in my schedule. Utmost importance.

My trail of thought is very rudely interrupted by my pants label scratch. This is the typical insidious disturbance during my writing session. It’s there, quiet and insidious and when I’m finally focused, bam, it scratches.

I definitely need a pair of comfy pyjama pants. Soft, maybe a cotton fabric. And cute too, I can’t look bad for my date with my keyboard.

I click on Chrome and before I realize it, five tabs are open, all on a different online store. The decision’s really tough.

Do I want a little stars print on my pyjamas or do I want tiny boats?

I cannot decide, now time to go back to plotting and outlining. My hand reaches my magic mouse, a small breeze blows on my bare feet.

Socks ! I won’t be able to make it through november without a couple of proper pairs of socks.
Five more tabs pop in my browser. I split my screen and compare pyjamas and socks option. Pink checker board pants and light sea blue socks will be wonderful. I’ll feel like a million bucks sitting at my desk. Happy, I fixed the apparel problem. Writing while being constricted in clothes is not an option. I snap a look at the clock in the upper corner of my computer screen.


Damn, NaNo prep’s so hard and time consuming I haven’t even opened a word file yet.


Focus on NaNo prep. I need my NaNo gear to be perfect. That’s my ritual. Every night during November. I put my pyjamas, my warm socks, prepare a cup of tea and finally sit at my desk.

On my desk, is everything ready ?

Comfortable chair ? Check.

Handwrist friendly keyboard ? Check

Desk lamp ? Notepad, blue gel ink Pilot pen ? Check, check and check


Word is finally open on my computer, I close my eyes, breathe in, feel the words pouring in my mind and….

Mommy, me don’t wanna bed no more

And I take my kid in my arms, put her back in bed and cannot resist my own bed calling as I walk past my bedroom.


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