Nano prep Diaries : finding a story

I feel like a champion, I feel like I’m on top of the world, I feel like a goddess : I found a story.My muse has visited me on my commute. And I need to tell someone, I’m so excited.

As I come back home , I log in my Google + profile and launch a Hang Out session. Bianca’s online. Great. I’m sure she’s gonna LOVE this story.

Shiny Duchess : I found an idea for the novel I wanna write during NaNoWriMo !
Dazzling Bianca : Neat. I’m still looking. It’s always when I need my muse that he decides to take a leave.
Shiny Duchess : Chase him with a pitchfork. Wanna hear my idea ?

I’m all fidgeting on my chair. I cannot wait to tell her.

Dazzling Bianca : Go ahead, fire away. And after, I’m gonna get drunk.
Shiny Duchess : Got booze ? I should have come straight to your place. Anyway. It’s an impossible love story between a space cowboy and an alien princess.

My fingers type faster than they ever have. My story’s so good it can’t wait to shine to the whole world.

Dazzling Bianca : I like that.

I raise my arms to the ceiling. They form a V above my head. I knew it.

Shiny Duchess : You see there is a lot of unresolved sexual tension between the two of them because, even if he loves her, he can’t commit.
Dazzling Bianca : Classical.
Oh, come on B, don’t be a buzzkill. I’m gonna make you change your mind.

Shiny Duchess : Yes and no. He’s a spy, and he’s not really here. The twist is that the princess only sees a projection of him, like a solid hologram.
Dazzling Bianca : And the alien people, they’re blue ?
Shiny Duchess : Yes !! The color of trust and innocence. How did you guess ?

We read each other’s texts all the time. She does know me very well.

Dazzling Bianca : That’s fucking Avatar.
Shiny Duchess : Damn. Why are all my ideas stolen by Hollywood ???

I head straight to the cupboard in my kitchen and snap a chocolate tablet.
I feel like an empty bucket, like a worm, like an oblivion without a spark.
My muse is a fraud.
A last bing sneaks out of my computer.

Dazzling Bianca : Wanna come home ? I’ve got two glasses.

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