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Swans, swans, swans

We took our girl on a walk by the shore of a lake only 15 minutes away from our home.

These swans, usually acting like total neurotic divas, were completely smitten with humans, especially toddlers. They even came  on the sand and observe them, then quietly went back swimming. It was magical moment.

And no, we did not feed them bread.


[Cee Oddball Challenge] Crêperie in Collioure

In response to Cee’s Oddball Challenge week 42


[SLWeek 16] Solitude


En réponse au challenge photo de Sylvain Landry sur son blog : Une photo du décor du film le Parfum.  Le personnage principal essaie de recréer le parfum de l’amour.

[Hugh photo challenge week 2] Controlled Chaos

That’s the cupboard below the sink of our bathroom.
This is where you see I’m a messy ascendant Ikea addict type of girl. The chaos is detained is separate skubb boxes 😀


This post is an answer to Hugh’s photo challenge week 2 : What’s in the cupboard

Edible frontier

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: « Boundaries. »


Now, tell me you’re not hungry 😉

[SL week 15 : Communications] Feline Friend Defeats Fat Mac

This is the typical case in which modern communication is totally defeated.

My cat asks for attention and has neutralized the computer. He communication’s more efficient than electronic chips and keys.

Guess where the keyboard is ?20151013_104822_resized

This post is an answer to SL week photo challenge 15: communications.

[Hugh’s Challenge : Breakfast] scrambled eggs, Whole wheat bread and Grape Fruit



Scrambled eggs with forest mushrooms, parsley seasoning.
Whole wheat bread with sesame seeds.
Organic grapefruit and orange juice.
Green Tea. No sugar.

Bonus points to those who recognize he teapot 🙂

This post is an answer to Hugh’s photo challenge.


Where the sky discusses with the sea and the sand

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: « Happy Place. »20151003_181701_resized

I usually go where no one can reach me by phone or internet. I sit on the rocks and listen to the tide. It usually has a lot of things to say.

SL Week 14 : Memory

20150806_151937_resizedSacré Coeur du Grau d’Agde.


This post is an answer to SL challenge week 14 : memory