cover of Nate Padevick's book Let's Make Map Art

Sketchbook Skool new class Let’s Make a Map

Nate Padavick, freelance artist specialized in map illustration  and founder of They Draw and Travel and They Draw and Cook websites teaches a lovely class on map making in Sketchbook Skool.

I was a little bit skeptic when I first heard of this course. It evoked tedious boring hours and frustration at not achieving perfection. I remember a time when I was maybe 10 or 11, trying my best in industrial drawing exercise (yes we had this kind of classes when I was a kid) and failing.

But the trailer won me over. It introduces us to the instructor and many examples of the kind of maps he would help us to illustrate.

The class isn’t about producing a perfect reproduction of an area, but it is more about turning the spotlights on particularities we love in certain places and in a fun way.

The above trailer made me feel very comforted in the idea that I can do it too because there are no drawing skills required. An no rulers and no ink smudges nor specific sizes and shapes of letters and numbers.

It’s more about  defining what you want to express, deciding which elements will be included in your map. Will you illustrate the savy food market, the indy theater scene, the children’s park and playgrounds or will you show the way to a certain location ? Nate Padavick teaches the method to prepare and draw a map, doodle fun icons and express our love for a specific place on this earth.

The home work assignments are very well paced and anyone can be able to illustrate a map after taking this class.

If you still feel like you’re unsure you want to attend this class,or do not have the opportunity to do so, you can get your hand on Nate’s book Let’s make Map art. It’s an easy introduction to map making and gives the tone for the course.

However the course does go further in the explanations and method than the book.


So, do you feel inspired to draw a map ?


❤ always


Inspiration exists but it has to find you at work

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