How to find time for creative activities

Carving time for creative activities never leaves the top ten concerns of non professional creators.

There is the job, there is the house, there is the family. There are duties everywhere we look, so grabbing our pen or brush or our glue gun seems selfish at best.

The following tips might help you find the time to create. It’s about giving yourself permission, reduce your screen time, getting up early and keeping your art projects close to you.

1/ Give yourself permission

You need to give yourself permission to create.

Yes I know it’s difficult and there are many reasons why you shouldn’t. The workload won’t go away, that’s for sure but the guilt doesn’t have to linger there.

It’s okay to take time to create, even everyday, even if you think you are not talented, even if your direct surrounding does not value creativity.

Engaging in a creative activity will make you happy and increase you self confidence as you’ll learn to enjoy the process of creation rather than the result.

So go for it !

2/ Reduce your screen time

TV, Computers, tablets, phones.

How much time per day to you actually spend watching something?

Does everything you watch deserve that time? Or would it be better used on creating something ?

Does the show you’re watching at night bring you more pleasure than engaging in your creative hobby?

Keep watching the shows for which is answer is YES and question the other ones.

I truly got in my daily creative routine the day I decided to restrict my screen time.

I bet you’ll get at least an hour back from your day. An entire hour.

Just think about it.

3/ Get up early (go to bed early)

I did not believe in getting up early (before 7 am) until very recently. But I have to admit that it does work pretty well.

Why ?

Because when you get up early, there is a chance the other ones in your home are still asleep. So you’re in for some me-time until they wake up.

You can start your day with one of your favorite activity and slowly but surely raise your conscience into the day.

No rushed shower, no coffee spill or burn because you’re on a hurry.

Just yourself and your favorite activity.

When the rest of the house wakes up, you’re already out of the coton brain zone and filled with benefits of your early creative session.

This also means you’ll get tired sooner in the day and will go to bed early. But it’s so worth it.

4/ Keep your project close

Writers keep a notebook, illustrators keep a sketchbook, knitters keep their needles in their bag. (I do not know what he others do. If you happen to know, please feel free to share in the comment section).

Why ? Because it allows them to jolt down ideas the second they have them. It’s also a good way to use time wisely during the morning/evening commute.

Keeping your creative project as close to you as possible helps you move forward bit by bit instead of waiting for the « right time ».


Do you have any other time carving tip you would like to share ? Please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

❤ always

Inspiration does exist but it has to find you at work.

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