How to prepare your travel journal (prompts edition)

Summer holidays are just a few weeks away and I am already thinking about my travel journal.

Or what I hope will be my travel journal. I thought about a few things I would enjoy drawing and some techniques I’d like to try.  I listed all the skills I need to acquire and enrolled in several online classes.

In this article you’ll find the prompts I’ve thought about and the list of the online classes I’m taking to improve my lettering and drawing skills.

I hope they will inspire you too.

Thematic prompts

1/ Brush letter the tittle page
2/ What’s in my suitcase
3/ My creative tool kit
3/ Transportation mode : plane, car, train, boat, cycle, bike, balloon…
4/ Self portrait (before and after the holidays)
5/ Map of holidays location
6/ Do a series : choose an object draw it every time you see it.
7/ Draw a yummy meal and or cocktail
8/ Draw the funny road or shop signs
9/ sketch people waiting around you. easiest models : people who read or look at their phone.

Technical prompts

1/ Work in monochrome
2/ Work in black and white
3/ Do a collage
4/ Add journaling inserts
5/ Use frames or create a comic-book like spread
6/ Use a limited color palette
7/ Work in watercolor
8/ Work with kids pastels
9/ Blind contour drawing
10/ Continuous line drawing

Online classes

Lisa Congdon’s creative bootcamp on Creative Bug (monochrome, restricted palette)

Courtney Cerutti’s collage class on Creative Bug

Peggy Dean Brush lettering classes on Skillshare

Ohn Mar Win’s classes on Skillshare

Danny Gregory’s class on Sketchbook skool « How to draw without talent »

Skillshare and Creativebug are both online learning platforms that require you to suscribe and pay a monthly fee.

However they both offer free trials (1-2 months) and you can unsubscribe anytime you like.

If you’re interested in Skillshare, click the following link to get 2 months free : 

Inspiring Instagram accounts

Liz Steel
Koosje Koene

Are you going to engage in any creative activity during the holidays ?
How to you prepare if you prepare at all ?
Any thoughts on how to keep creating while being surrounded by toddlers and middle school pupils ?


Please feel free to also share any Instagram account that inspires you, or a link to an online class you loved in the comment section so everybody can enjoy them.

Any input in the comment section will be greatly appreciated 🙂

❤ always

2 réflexions sur « How to prepare your travel journal (prompts edition) »

  1. Oh dear, so much planning. My camera and phone are my journal! (The former has time and date, the latter has location as well) My sporadic blogging is because I refuse to be a slave to the computer. I love your work, Mlle Duchesse 😀

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