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Hi Guys !

I have not written or publish anything in many months. I know I should have informed you about what was going on but the truth is I had a very hard time figuring out in which direction I wanted my blog to evolve.

Besides having a lot to deal with (like everybody, I know…), I encountered technical difficulties and time management challenges with translating my articles.

Bottom line is I lost myself in the process.

Months went by and I did not want to come back to the blog without a clear vision. During these months, I have taken a step back from writing, both non fiction and fiction and I have taken many online classes in drawing, painting and art in general. I loved it. And I have thought of you guys almost everyday.

This experience gave me an idea : expanding the focus of the blog from writing to creativity in general.  At a slower pace. I think I’ll start with one article a week, English only.

I have already thought of some articles I’d like to write : e-courses reviews, book reviews, plan with me (on my arty Bullet Journal).

Don’t hesitate to tell me what subjects would interest you in the comments section below.

8 réflexions sur « Back to blogging »

  1. It’s been ages we saw you. Came to your blog a couple of times but it was always silent. I am hosting a blog party – welcome to June – right now. Do step in and say hello to folks 🙂

  2. Hello there, came across your blog at Jacqueline blogging party. I am not a seasoned writer like yourself, nevertheless this post speaks to me. I am forever struggling what to blog about. thanks for sharing this,

    1. Hi. Thank you for your message. I have always struggled about what to write (strangely enough the struggle is even worse in my native language French). But I have found ways to work around the struggle and organize my thoughts. I think I’ll share some techniques in the following articles. For me, It comes down to finding inspiration and then organizing ideas. Would you be interested in these articles ?

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