TGBOL, chapter 5.0 : I am currently…

Happy may the fourth to all of you. It’s Star Wars day today. And it’s a good day to plan something fun, unusual and a little outside of our comfort zone.

So this week’s list is going to be a little different. It’s going to be a portrait of you who are, what you do and what you plan.

I found the list idea on MAMBI website as a freebie for their Create 365 brand and I thought it was a great idea.

How does it work ?

We’ll be listing items starting with I currently…. love, eat, drink, etc. You can answer each and every one of them or chose to create your own in order to come up with you very own list.

So, without further ado, here is the snapshot of my day.


I am currently…

Loving… the new burst of inspiration that keeps me writing these last few days.

Eating… a lot of vegetables and fruits.

Drinking… water and Coca-cola zero

Watching… Castle and The Voice, french edition.

Going… to start to attend a new class this evening, I’m really excited.

Reading… La voie brisée de Madharva by Matthieu Rivero, a very talented french writer.

Texting… to my fellow class mates. We’re all anxious to know who’s the instructor.

Playing… elephants and dinosaures with our daughter. She came up with the game. First animal to slide in the swimming pool wins.

Working… on three manuscripts at a time. When inspiration fails me on one, I can always switch to the other ones.

Listening… to a lot of classical music because it helps me focus.

Thanking… life everyday for giving us the opportunity to live pleasantly and guide our daughter toward her true self and her best potential.

Buying… nothing. My credit card is broken. I’m waiting for a new one.

Planning… the following weeks and trying to fit in everyone’s needs and imperatives.

Visiting… Ardèche. My husband and I came back from a short trip and are still amazed by all the beautiful landscapes we’ve seen.

Wondering… what I’ll cook tonight. No kidding. 3 people in the house, 3 different ways to eat, including a toddler with current red food phobia.

Feeling… happy as a bee in a field of wild flowers. No room for boredom.



Here are all current TGBOLers :

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Check their blogs, check their lists, and if you feel like joining us in this great adventure : don’t hesitate.

It’s very simple.

Write a post, insert the TGBOL tag and a ping back the this article if you participate this week. The ping back and the TGBOL tags are very important : they allow me to know about your contribution and include you in the TGBOL authors list of the week.

You can suggest a theme or ask a question in the comments section.

Need more information on the event ? Here, you’ll find a complete presentation of the Great Book of Lists

Don’t know how to start? Here is a little guide to help you create your lists

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