TBBOL Chapter 4.0 : Hobbies !

Here is another theme I can’t believe we havn’t treated yet : hobbies.

We all love to do things besides our jobs and family obligations OR if we are lucky enough, job and family obligations include our hobbies.

What are the activities you enjoy, that make you happy, that empty and quiet your mind, or trigger a creativity outburst ? Carpentrer, collector, sewer, knitter, painter… any activity ou enjoy doing for fun on a regular basis counts.

Or in the contrary, what activity makes you run away, backwards, take on a perpetual  suscription to terminal procrastination ?

Here is the list of my hobbies

1/ Writing 
I just can’t help myself. Whenever I connect with my muse, Writing feels like a magical activity.

2/ Reading
I feel transported whenever I open a book and there isn’t a day during which I don’t read. I have always read a lot. One of my university teacher used to make fun of me and one of my friends because we always carried books.
Yes, we also came to the conclusion she was being a jerk.

3/ Cooking
Especially doing patisserie. Whenever I start weighting ingredients the noise from the world seem to vanish. and At he end of my cooking session, I have actually made something with my very own hands.  And everyone is the house is happy.

4/ Painting with my kid ( attempting to paint on a regular basis would be more accurate).
We sit at our living room table and jsut enjoy the spontaneity of dabbing paint on paper. Sometimes th result is cute, sometimes the result is ugly but we always enjoy these moments when we loosen up a little bit and let our creativity express itself in a naturaln and uncensored,  way

5/ Learning
I’m a learning junkie and seem to rest better when I have fed my brain during the day. So I learn. A lot. I binge on new information and it feels so goooooood.


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22 réflexions sur « TBBOL Chapter 4.0 : Hobbies ! »

  1. Hobbies are great and our family are lucky enough to have turned ours into a family business. My spinning, dyeing, knitting, crocheting, candle making, neglected sewing, etc have all become inventory for our craft shows, along with my husband’s painting and drawing and our son’s needle felting and wire wrapping. I’ve also added blogging and photography to things that I am enjoying learning! Now to develop a liking for doing paperwork-that necessary evil 🙂

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