TGBOL chapter 3.2 and 3.3 Acts of love and ways to celebrate

First of all,  I wanted to thank you all for your kindness, your messages and your patience. Last week was a challenge on many levels and writing down an exam while hosting a ferocious flu is something I’ll remember for a long time, not because I passed (yay !) but because I want to make sure it will never happen again.

I felt bad to let you down but I did not have much of a choice. So… as I wrote in my last article I came up with 2 prompts for the week.

The first one, Acts of love, in inspired by a video famous french You Tuber Enjoy Phoenix posted last week after the terrible bombings in Bruxelles last week. I thought she had a point. When things go sour, awful, we turn to our loved ones, crawl in their warm embrace and let them try to calm our heartbeat. There’s hardly a better time to show them we care. So here is the first prompt of the week : how do you show your loved ones you care ? What are the little gestures, the surprises, the words that carry your appreciation ?

Here are my usual Acts of love
I bake tarts and cakes for special occasions
I stopped buying pastries the day I understood I cold do make them myself and ensure the quality of ingredients involved. Since, I’ve baked desserts for my family and loved ones. Since they’re all keen on good food, it’s usually a treat they enjoy.

I cook world food dinners for family reunions
Yep, the learning junkie inside of me is craving for novelty. So every time I get the chance, I chose a continent and learn to cook some of the delicious food from around the world.

I text –  a lot.
I’m a writer, words come easier when I type them than when I actually say them. Unless it’s about baking gear, Veronica Mars, Sherlock, or how Dave Navarro’s so cute with glasses on, small talk isn’t my forte.
My loved ones regularly get texts from me. Sometimes meaningless, sometimes meaningful.

I hug
My kid even had me create a hug song. Don’t ask.

I call a cat a cat
If I truly care about someone, I’m not scared to tell this person when she/he lets bullshit rule.
Against my very own will, I have a very fine tuned BS detector that buzzes every time BS is around. I only share the buzz with persons I appreciate.


The second prompt of the week is inspired by my recent experience with having to write an exam and just wanting to dance on tables after learning I passed. it got me thinking. What are the ways we generally celebrate ? Dancing on tables isn’t one of my usual.

Here’s my list of ways to celebrate :

Go outside with my friends and have some drinks
Does this one really need a comment ? I dont think so.

Send texts to my friends and family
This means I send a text to each and everyone of my loved ones who’s involved. Some might think I’m high on something, some know me too well to even acknowledge such a thought and some others just go along with the fun of the friendly written banter. Dave Navarro may even be mentionned.

Have a night out with my husband
Now that’s a real way to celebrate something. When my dear husband and I get to escape even for a couple hours, that’s the real luxury. The kid’s with the grand-parents, we dress up, and treat ourselves with a grown up evening. Nice restaurant, nice music – our local auditorium has an amazing programmation, nice walk back home. The pleasure of grown up conversation and the enjoyment of silence. No beeps, no buzzes, no Mooooooommmmmmmyyy. Just the two of us.

Spend the whole night reading a good book
Can you imagine what a treat it is to have the entire night for myself and a good book ? Ok, you probably can.

Treat myself with a good warm bath, bubbles included.
And then, I binge on Pinterest.


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  1. We understand these things about busy days. I share quite a number of things in common with you, like the cooking part, calling, saying what’s on my mind in a nice way. Good to have you back 🙂

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