The Great Book of lists chapter 3.1 : A party of choice

As you may already know, I am delighted when TGBOL authors suggest a theme. If you ever feel like working on a particular subject, please fell free to mention it in ht e comment section down below or reach me via the contact form on the homepage of this blog.

Several weeks ago, Mandibelle suggested a theme and I am delighted to submit it to you tonight. Here are her words :

« I was thinking we could do a list of the people we’d like to meet throughout history. Anyone dead or alive. Relative, movie star, singer, etc. »

I must say that triggered something in my mind and I immediately imagined a diner at home, an ideal imaginary home that is, filled with people chatting lively despite cultural, historic and age differences.

So here is my list of people I’d like to meet :

  • Gandhi
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Jane Austen
  • Aaron Sorkin
  • Nathan Fillion
  • Liz Gilbert
  • and all the TGBOL authors.

Honestly there are many more, but the list would be endless. These names are the ones that popped first.

Here are all current TGBOLers :

Ladylee, Selena, Ms GoliathAmyArwenLaurenRosemary, Jacqueline, Al, TJ, Maria,Angel,Sybil, Cach, Jartagnan,Jennifer, Lauraline, Judy, Esoria,JeanMandibelle , KatMarie, Maëlys and Louise !

Check their blogs, check their lists, and if you feel like joining us in this great adventure : don’t hesitate.

It’s very simple.

Write a post, insert the TGBOL tag and a ping back the this article if you participate this week. The ping back and the TGBOL tags are very important : they allow me to know about your contribution and include you in the TGBOL authors list of the week.

You can suggest a theme or ask a question in the comments section.

Need more information on the event ? Here, you’ll find a complete presentation of the Great Book of Lists

Don’t know how to start? Here is a little guide to help you create your lists

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