The great book of lists, Chapter 2.0 : Dream Travels

Guys, I know, I’m late and this is really not what I expected Sunday while tidying and cleaning the fridge but it seems like warmth, cold and weird movements got the better of my back.
I got stuck for two full days and have been on a rest by doctor’s orders. But I’m fine now, thanks to an amazing chiropractor and some jewels of modern pharmaceutical industry called non addictive pain killers. Hot bath are prescribed too 😀

New month, new chapter !

Why not kick this new month by sharing a piece of our dreams : travels we’d love to do, places we’d like to go to,  we’ve been dreaming of, even writing them down in our bucket list bust never found the time for.

They make us dream, engage our imagination or cast a new light on our neighborhood.


My dream travels

In no order of preference, and yes, there are many fiction references 🙂

London, England

The Great Houses of England

Berlin, Germany

Cardiff, Wales

Chawton, England





Jersey and Guernsey, Channel Islands

New York, USA

New Zealand

Prince Edward Island, Canada

San Francisco, USA

Sidney, Australia


and so many others I feel like I’d spend my life in planes.


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21 réflexions sur « The great book of lists, Chapter 2.0 : Dream Travels »

  1. Oh! I love this week’s list. YAY! I haven’t really traveled a lot in my lifetime but my mind does the traveling. 😀 Thanks for hosting it Laduchessederat. ❤ 🙂

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