The Great Book of Lists, Chapter 1.2 : The little things you love

I had decided on this week’s theme before launching The Great Book Of Lists. And this morning, I heard of David Bowie’s passing. And now, our world is never going to be the same again. His music and awesomeness were a part of my world and it’ll never be the same again.  Our  life is made of so many things and details, that, compiled together make our day. And none of them are permanent.

So let’s be aware of all these little things we love that help us go through the day, make our life easier even when it doesn’t turn so well,  show us the nice, funny and sweet, despite the ugly,


List of my little things

1/ My kid greeting us every morning with her « Hello daddymommy. I slept well ! »

2/ The fact that my husband only shares things I cook with people he loves.

3/ My cat sitting on my belly when she’s hungry. No meowing, no pawing, just quietly and decidedly sitting/

4/ The japanese grocery shop just around the corner.  It’s my official Yume Nikishi rice dealer 😀

5/ The characters from my novel. They haven’t fully grown yet but they keep poking at my imagination all day long. And right now also. They’re doing their own lists. It’s a mix of food, sewing notions, tech items, magic books and weaponry.

6/ My quiet moment at the beginning of each day, when I can plan what I’ll do ’till the night.

7/ My JVD headphones. They’re the key to my concentration, my way of finding solace in the midst of a noise storm.


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20 réflexions sur « The Great Book of Lists, Chapter 1.2 : The little things you love »

  1. As I read this, my cat is sat on my lap, giving me « that look » that means only « feed me. Feed me soon, or I will sit here all day, without so much as a purr. » So, I definitely identify with 3! Will post my reply later this week x

    I did write this short poem in tribute to Bowie yesterday – . His music has provided the soundtrack to so many different parts of my life. It’s an amazing legacy.

      1. Thanks so much! I really love cooking and wanted to be a chef but other things led me in a different direction. Great to see that you have a lot of interest in your challenge. Best wishes.

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