Manuscript Revision Checkpoint n°4

This week has been a Rollercoaster

I still have difficulties going to bed early in order to wake up early. It seems like my brain works great between 2 and 3 am but, it doesn’t do anything good when the clock buzzes at seven…

So, I’ve spent the week in the morning fog of my brain and the afternoon in the overwhelming excitement of seeing The Great Book Of Lists being so well received by WP community.

That’s when I was up.

Down was when I realized the most important pages of my manuscript were very exciting but needed a lot of work.

I mean a ton of work.

My novel has many characters and each has its moment to shine. The avantage is that the reader can experience the action from within, the inconvenient is that the POV shifts every 2 pages and that it requires way more intentional writing to succeed than what’s in my first draft.

Those pages needed many hours of thinking, brainstorming and note taking. Those pages turned my brain upside down. Those pages made me understand how much you need to love a story to stay committed to it during revision.

Accidental collateral damages

I worked so much I started to daydream a way to customized the writing of each character…who thinks in snapshots, who is constantly overwhelmed, who doesn’t give a shit (at least pretends not to), who escapes in dark lame humor when things go south…

Their POV scenes are going to challenge me during rewriting. l can’t wait to get there 😀

One of the hardest thing right now is to be able to take notes, cross off entire paragraphs of the manuscript and NOT write anything new.

That’ll be for later.

First, I need to finish reading the first draft and taking notes, analyze said notes and work on structure. Then I’ll dive back into writing.

The numbers

  • 16 pages
  • 6 scenes
  • 2 mythical monsters killed, one character badly wounded, one author brainwashed (me)
  • 15 pages of notes, 75 pages total

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