Manuscript Revision Checkpoint n°3

I’m late I know.

But it’s only the account, not the reading. Actually, the reading and commenting are going fine. I have found my daily rhythm and weekly max.

What does that mean ?

I work better in the morning, not necessarily faster but better that’s for sure. Spotting what »s wrong is easier, finding solutions too. And hen I read in the morning, I can brainstorm all day long if I stumble on a big problem.

All this reading and note taking that require 450 % of my attention has a limit. Beyond 25 pages, my brain just freezes and refuses to provide me with answers. In conclusion, I’ll keep the 30 pages a week target but there is no sense to try to go beyond.

Remember I mentioned stumbling on a big problem ?

That’s what happened this week. I encountered a structural hitch, a misplaced scene but containing information crucial for the plot. It did take me a lot of time to sort out. Shuffling elements around isn’t that simple.

The numbers

I read 28 pages last week, 71 pages in total. There are 69 pages left to read.

My initial count of 15 scenes has doubled.I have identified 30 scenes so far, which simplifies the fact that each of my characters has its 15 minutes of glory POV scene.

One of my character, who was meant to be a one of a kind über bad ass has turned out to be quite hilarious.

Wrote nearly 60 pages of notes since beginning to work on my manuscript.

The daily organization

I switched my day around to be able to sustain the additional amount of work. It still feels strange but, at least I get things done.

I hope you like this weekly account. I can tell that sharing this adventure with you is a great motivator that keeps me going.

And what about you my dear friends ? What keeps you going on ? Are you working on  a writing project ? How is it going so far ? As usual, the comments section is all yours 😉

4 réflexions sur « Manuscript Revision Checkpoint n°3 »

  1. Ravie de lire encore ton Checkpoint! Je suis plus productive en matinée aussi, par exemple je viens tout juste de terminer un 6h de révision, je m’impressionne beaucoup! 🙂

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