10 things I hope not to do in 2016

I read Vexing point’s my end of year review for 2015 where he looked at how he failed his goals for 2015 and I commented on his article that this is precisely why I NEVER do New Years resolutions. I mean, I do not need any additional reason nor tool to do the mea culpa dance and lose self-confidence or momentum on my projects. I suggested instead that he should make a list of things he doesn’t want to do in 2016 (and that if he did post such a list indeed, I’d do the same thing on my blog). So, here it is :D.

1. Stop writing
2015 has been such a revelation on so many levels about my writing. I did not understand how much I needed it until now. Writing makes me complete, hence I’ll keep it a daily practice.

2. Give up on my manuscript
I’ve written 5 novels so far but my last Nano is the first one I really feel like revising and publishing. I do not want to give up on it, ever.

3. Accept a job that doesn’t fit me
I’ve done it for so many years before and it only earned me stress and unhappiness. I cannot change who I am and working against my nature every single day is exhausting.

4. Stop cooking
It’s another passion of mine and with the end of the year festivities, a new wind has blown under my cooking wings. It brings so much joy to my family and friends and makes me so happy and relaxed I think I should go on. Plus, I finally know how to make makis, the perfect companions to my TV shows occasional binge.

5. Stop learning
I feel more energized when I’m  learning something new everyday. E-learning and Blogging University courses are perfect to calm this craving of mine. But it’s also challenged by my daily duties and ongoing projects.

6. Stop Blogging
Seriously guys, blogging is an amazing experience and I wish I’ll find enough time, and dedication to keep on blogging all year long. I love blogging and I love the connection with readers. Writing for so long can get a bit repetitive but I’m trying to reinvent  my approach in order to keep my blog interesting and entertaining.

7. Get ill
I’ve had my fair share of health problems last year and I feel like it’s time for me to enjoy life without calling our family doctor by his first name because our home is like a bus stop for the poor guy. Seriously. Even my dentist asks me about cake recipes.

8. Forget my blessings
I am a truly lucky woman and I thank life everyday for what it has given me. I have a home, a family, great friends, food in my plate and a great internet connection. These simple but essentials things are not granted to everyone and I’m completely aware of it.

9. Eat bad food just because
Yep, bad food is bad. Bad for the mood, bad for the body and bad for the soul.  As I am a usual advocate for peace in the world, it is only logical that I try to maintain a good mood in my home. Good mood leads to peace of the soul which leads to less ugliness in the world.

10. Be separated from my family
I would go crazy without my family. My husband, my kid, my parents and in laws are my anchor in reality. The older I get the more I understand that family, however imperfect, is everything. Without them, I’d get lost in daydreaming.

15 réflexions sur « 10 things I hope not to do in 2016 »

  1. Hi Jacqueline! I have been enjoying reading posts about New Year from all bloggers I know around, and this one is truly interesting! (: I remember seeing this approach many years back in a show which called it ‘using reverse psychology’. What about the resolution regarding bad food? You mean bad like?

  2. Hi ! Jaqueline has been kind enough to RT my post. Bad food for me is anything industrial, processed, poorly cooked, poor tasting, bad tasting, composed of more chemicals than nutrients, junk food. It’s always so easy to fall for it…. because most of the time, you just have to pop the bag open and dive your hand.

  3. Oh it was an RT! ^_^ Yes,I wanted to know what you consider as bad food.And I very much agree…industrial,processed! I myself like food that is cooked right in front, in open air,open fire..i also dislike microwave cooked food.I have a fascination with that old belief which says a good food should interact with all the five elements-air,water,fire,water and ether.

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