Changes are coming on the blog with the new year

Yes, it’s coffee time again, let’s sit together and have some hot drinks. Changes are coming on the blog.
Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you havn’t : I’ve changed the main menu.

Bye bye kitties


Yes, Writing Cats won’t come back on the blog. I know very few some of you guys will haul to the moon in protest. I’m sorry but I won’t change my mind.
There are two reasons. First, it was anchored on week end days when I am most likely to be far from my computer most of the time. and second because, it did not seem to appeal to the blogs readers. I, myself, felt they were a bit out of place and a bit difficult for new  bloggers. a picture event about writing ? Many people asked me what they were meant to do which means the basic concept felt a bit like a cypher.


List, lists, lists


Even if Writing Cats is going away, I do not intend to let the blog eventless.

In fact I already have an idea : invite you guys to write lists with me. Lists are a new passion fo mine and I’d like to share it with you.

We’ll write all sorts of lists,  wish lists, silly lists, funny lists, inspiration lists, character lists, theme lists, favorite things lists, aso.

The goal is to gather all these gems of informations and create your own personal book of lists, a piece of information and details you can later dive into for you own pleasure or while doing research for a writing project.


You’re interested ? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Do not hesitate to tell me what kind of list you would be interested in.

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