Manuscript revision checkpoint n°2

Second week of revising my manuscript. I must admit I did procrastinate a little.

I know, I know, procrastination is the devil but, hey,  look at that :

20151224_205509_resizedIsn’t it the most delicious  reason to procrastinate during Christmas time ? I did taka me hours.

It’s an orange and lemon christmas log with a biscuit breton and meringue pikes.

I am quite pleased with the result, especially with the inside of the log :

buche de noel
buche de noel« 


Guys, I can hear you think enough with the sugar, let’s talk about this manuscript of yours.

This week’s results

Ok, ok. Her we go I did only read 25 pages (I had planned 30) and 4 scenes. I intend to divise two of them into multiple scenes. It did not come as a surprise. I knew it when I wrote but I did not want to interrupt the word flow.

So far, the method I have chosen works pretty well. My  analysing grid for note taking allows me to spot pretty quickly what can be improved or completed.

Right on spot

It did raise an issue about the setting in a scene. The action is crucial but the setting is boring I think. The whole scene would be way more interesting in a more unusual place. So, tomorrow, I’ll be back on research mode in order to come up with a crazy idea readers will enjoy.

This year, I do feel confident the revision of the manuscript will end with a solid basis to rewrite it. I do not feel lost nor desperate, I do not hate myself for coming up with a disastrous draft, I feel like this reading will add many layers  to the text and I’m pretty happy about it.


On the practical aspect of the experience, I do enjoy the pens I have chosen for this work. They run smoothly on paper and help me forget I’m handwriting.

The binder experience is quite convincing so far. It’s very versatile and I love how it’s easy to flip the pages back and forth. The dividers are also pretty helpful combined with a magnetic clip.


What about you my dear readers, how did ou spend these last days ? Any manuscript revision ahead, maybe it’s already started ? How is it going ?

As usual, the comments’ section is all yours.  Fire away my friends.

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