That’s a victory rewarded by a week of procrastination

Yes, I know, I know, you guys expected a new post from me a few weeks ago.
That’s the charm of life. It never happens the way we plan it.

As you may already know it, I won NaNoWriMo for the 5th time last week. 5 times in 6 participation. That’s something I wanted to take time to enjoy entirely. So I took time, and quite honestly, enjoying my accomplishment translated into sleeping a lot. Sleeping in and taking naps are two things I had forgotten about since becoming a mother. So much sleep was a real treat.

This last NaNoWriMo is the first that felt really enjoyable. I tried to unplug my control freak brain and let the creative one take over. The result has been quite immediate. I had several 4k words sessions that did not end in creative burn out.  This was sweet.

The sweetest thing of all this adventure was people checking on me : Louise, Anand and Kartik. They made me feel truly privileged and cared. Without support, creative goals are hard to achieve. Their support meant the word to me. So thank you guys sooooo much.

As you might know, Louise is my accomplice in writing mischief. Anand is shedding his love and light on WordPress. He’s a true believer in kindness and a breather. Kartik, beside being a dear friend from the NaNo community, is a film director and a great writer (and a deep POV master). His films are powerful, poetic… real odes to cultural diversity.
Do not hesitate to check their websites and/or social account, they are very inspiring.

What’s coming next now ?

Changes. Important changes. I came up with a draft I Iike dearly, the first one in a long time. I would like to see it published which means it will require time, a lot of it. I won’t be able to keep posting as much as I did before NaNoWriMo, but as I told you guys many times before, this blog and its readers are very very important to me.

Organization is key

I’m still figuring out how to combine daily life, writing, and blogging. My To Do lists don’t do the trick anymore so I’m looking into organizing techniques.

I’d be very grateful if you guys had any tips, insights, leads. I’d really like to find balance between all my activities.

Are any of you in the planner band wagon ?


9 réflexions sur « That’s a victory rewarded by a week of procrastination »

  1. Such exciting news, and I am so happy that you are pleased with your work. You did it!!!!!! Very kind words about me, I appreciate it. Yes, and I want to add that Nano 2015 was my best one yet. Thank YOU for inspiring me. I kept looking at your word count, and it helped me to keep moving forward. It’s really important to catch up on sleep, too. I just got back from a location scout, and I am doing the same, trying to manage my energy before January. Regarding organization, I use a technique that involves doing a brain dump (listing all the tasks) then prioritizing and always starting with the biggest one. We can talk more about it.

  2. Aww Kartik, thank you so much for your kind words. I am so flattered I inspired you. I’m glad it was a boost for you.
    On the organization department, I went back to old paper planner method, and I am currently reading David Allen’s Getting things done. It’s a very interesting book but the 43 files part is scaring me a little. I hope I’ll be able to go back to Paris in February for a few days. I’ll let you know. 🙂

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