Already on the move

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: « If You Leave. »

What would be the parameters to ponder if I had to leave a job or a geographical area. many When Would I implement such a change ?

I already did.

The beginning of the year started pretty badly for me : I had a huge angina and an huge eye infection I called an emergency doctor because I could barely stand up and my eyes were really sore. He came home, gave me a week of sick leave and prescribed antibiotics, two, one for the eye infection and another for the angina. I took the latter first and began feeling dizzy just a few seconds after. Than other symptoms arrived so quickly I called the 15 (our local 911) and they sent me an ambulance right away.

I went back home two days later, completely drained, with my remaining angina, my remaining eye infection and the aftermaths of my allergic reaction. I came home to discover the horrors of the Charly Hebdo massacre and shivered for days because we lived just 500 meters way from one of the assaillants’s apartment.

From that day on, my husband and I decided to move as soon as possible. We had been yearning to move close to the Alps mountain for a few years and knowing that my contract was ending several weeks later, we saw an opportunity. My former employer was about to move its headquarters 15 km away, which translated in more than 3 daily hours in public transportation.

I did not wish to lose this time in my day, i did not wish to see my child even less than I saw her, I did not wish to invest more in a job that clearly did not challenge me any more and offered no perspective of evolution in a near future.

My husband wished to move too and he found a new job in 3 weeks. We moved 3 months later and started a new life in a smaller town, near both our families and with the joy to be healthy again. I still havn’t found a new job but I do not worry too much. I’ll find one. I’m educated, technically skilled and able to speak english quite as well as I write it. And I cook delicious cookies for corporate parties. Someone’s gonna want these skills 😉

I do not regret the move one second. My husband, my child and I have not been to the doctor that much since we got here. Maybe once for each of us. We used to consult at least once a month for various respiratory infections and those are gone. I have absolutely no doubt that we live in a less polluted environment and that stress has less power on us now.

I’m still on the move. I have decided to enter a new course in a few days, and I am not talking about Blogging 201.

I’ll tell you more when I’ll pass 😀

5 réflexions sur « Already on the move »

    1. Yes, I also have more time to find the perfect job. I think entering a company is like entering a mariage, you have to be very careful about the partner you chose and if its core values do not match yours, then long term partnership tends to be a chaotic and bitter experience.

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