Less Words, please

This post is answer to today’s prompt on the Daily Post : seven wonders.

Shiny Duchess : Seriously Dazz B, you really think I should cut all those words?

Dazzling Bianca : Yep. You gotta get to the point and fast or your reader’s gonna chose the shining BDSM vampire option. The word contingent should be invested on the action, not melodrama.

Shiny Duchess : But space cowboy’s speech is so moving. I almost wept writing it. I felt like I was pushing forward a universal truth.

Dazzling Bianca : So you wrote a version  stating Space Cowboy is a horny bastard ?

Shiny Duchess : Come on B. He just met her. Interspecies love at first sight, remember ?

Dazzling Bianca : Honestly, his declaration feels like honey-mustard sauce : uncertain taste,  dubious texture.

Shiny Duchess : I need all the lines to express the depth of his feelings.

Dazzling B : He wants to get laid. 5 words. « I want you  » only takes 3.

Shiny Duchess : Now, that’s subtle.

Dazzling Bianca : It never prevented any guy in any best seller to get laid.


Seriously, here are my seven words :  love, eat, sleep, learn, patience, yes, no

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