10 réflexions sur « [Writing 201 : Poetry] : conclusion »

  1. So many opportunities to write. I haven’t participated in the poetry course you described, but these words resonated with me: « …participants feel safe to take risks and share their work. » That’s what TWT has provided for me – a place to share my work and to be inspired by other writers. I hope the poetry writing you’ve enjoyed continues to be a source of growth for you.

    1. Than k you for your comment. It does indeed. I try to let it invade all my writing. The feeling if safety’s really important. It students feel like they are going to be judged, they won’t engage the same way.

    1. I felt exactly the same. My personal story with poetry os a complicated one where a lot of bad pedagogy has prevented me to enjoy it so far. And W201:Poetry came along and now I have written a sonnet. In two weeks, that’s quite huge for me.

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