That’s a 1

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: « Right to Brag. »

This prompt is a real bait for me. Hey, WP editors, I’m a toddler’s mom, of course I’m gonna brag about my spawn.

So last thing she did that just blew her father and me away is paint. But not just splashes and blots on the page.

She first found a way to draw flowers by crushing the brush tip on the page, then she looked at her page and ask for another.
I called my husband to show him she has evolved from random blotches to intentional painting.
She started to draw something that looks like a comma and stopped altogether. She dipped the brush in the paint one more and did tow wide mouvements. One upward, one down all smiled all up to hear hears. Then de proudly declared : Mom ! I draw a one.

Ok. Now she knows the 10 digits, she can recognize them, she can evaluate quantity and she just move up to trying to draw them. So, I’m incredibly proud of that little human.

So here’s a question for you now : Can you guess how old she is ?

7 réflexions sur « That’s a 1 »

  1. Well, she drew a « 1 », so that’s the obvious answer, but that’s way too advanced for a one year old, so I’d say 2! This poem that is my answer to the prompt is in no way about moms who brag about their kiddies, by the way. It is by braggarts who cannot resist bragging about their own exploits at every turn. Mommies are expected to let us know how brilliant their babies are!

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