Epic modern literature adventure

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: « Ready for Your Close-up. »

The movie of my life ?
Let’s be serious, I’ll never sell the rights for a biopic, it’ll have to be a fiction.

Sara Ramirez plays me. She’s awesome.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays my husband. If He’s not available, I’ll ask Tom Hiddleston 😉


Puss in boots will play my cat Luna.


My kid won’t appear on screen. She way too young to be burdened with the shadow of a fictional life.

And my best friends will be embodied by Nathan Fillion himself, Jk Rowling herself and Elizabeth Gilbert herself.




The plot : Build a writing retreat in an ancient deserted and haunted castle.

That’ll take us all around the world.

We’ll fight pessimists, materialists, buzz kills with oxford commas to spread the joy of writing around the world and ultimately succeed and launch a new generation of fearless and hopeful writers.

Wanna chip in ?

7 réflexions sur « Epic modern literature adventure »

  1. Interesting. Completely delusional but interesting.

    It’s this way, « Puss in boots » hung up the sword and film career to work the cat walk where is heard to be singing in a loop, ~ ~ ~ I’m too sexy for my hat, I’m too sexy for my hat ~ ~ ~ .

    Offers have been made to the booted one to return to the silver screen and the answer is always the same, « If they think I’m going back to that mouse chase, well they’re delusuional ».

  2. I love your cast. I want to see this! I love Benedict Cumberbatch! He is amazong, and seriously, who doesn’t like Nathan Fillion? He’s such a doll! I love your plot, If I don’t get to come to the world premier, we will have words!

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