Your pillow is an altar

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: « A True Saint. »

My response to this prompt is mostly influenced by the fact that I lack of sleep and there’s nothing I’d like more than having the luxury to just grab a plaid and a pillow and doze off on the couch.
But this is not an option for now.
In the light of these facts and in the spirit of helping other people, I opt for Our Lady Duchess, Holly Patron of Naps.

To invoke me, there’ll be no need for prayer nor candles.

Just an infinite care and respect for your pillow and usual sleeping place.

Now that I think of it, maybe a prayer will do too.

Oh dear duchess, our Lady of Naps
I have no current passion for schnaps
But a great need to sit, lay and rest
To restore my quick wits and interest.

Please grant me restorative sleep
Immediate and Oh ! so peaceful
Maybe some dreams, nothing fool
-ish, a chunk of slumber deep.

Should you hear and soothe me
I swear I’ll stop being grumpy.

9 réflexions sur « Your pillow is an altar »

      1. Yeah, I’ve got an hyperactive mind. When it’s on it’s very difficult to turn off. And these days, it works like it’s doped. Fall is my most creative season.

      2. Nope, not yet. I’m spending time on him because He’s 50 % of novel. if he’s lame, his story arc won’t resonate properly with the main character story arc. I’ve decided today to change his name from Elliott to Tiberius because it sounds better and also for the roman reference.

      3. Yes, Tiberius is kind of formidable LOL 😀

        Please take your time, I just keep chatting to know about your progress.

        Love and light ❤

        Anand 🙂

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