NaNoWriMo 2015 : How I prepare my novel

In 2013, I was concerned about Logistic aspects, in 20014 I wanted to work on the characters and the plot, but like all the previous years, it was difficult for me to build one that could actually work completely.

This year, I’ve changed my method of preparation. I’ve started way sooner and I worked mainly on the plot
autumn-688111_640I made myself write and publish everyday during summer. I wanted to establish a writing habit and get bette in the « shown don’t tell ».This summer writing challenge turned out to be quite an amazing experience during which i’ve learned a lot.

dancing-dave-minion-510835_640I did free writing with many characters, in different situations. I wanted to find their voices and feel how their exchanges would sound before throwing them in the infernal rythm of the NaNoWriMo. I also learned a lot and I thin k I’ll do a post about it in the following weeks.

blogging-universityI followed  Blogging University .  (Blogging 101, Blogging 201, Writing 101 and Writing 201 : Poetry).

What’s the correlation will you ask ? They push you out of your comfort zone and help you experience writing under different angles, find inspiration in places you would never have thought of before and for Blogging 101 et 201 to consider your readers point of view. It is really helpful when it comes to enter the mind of a character and adapt writing and speech patterns to its persona.

libbiehawkerI read Libbie Hawker’s book Take off your Pants ! : Outline your book for faster and better writing.

This is the first boo, I read that does not describe a linear way of plotting. It invites you to think of your characters before diving into plotting. No structure and plot point speeches, only a list of steps to follow. The writers walks your through everyone one of them, it’s very enjoyable and reassuring.

Result : I have a written plot that works and that I have been bale to submit to my beta’s the first time in 4 years that this happens.

Libbie Hawker’s book is greatly inspired by John Truby’s works but I find it way more accessible because you can apply its method right away.

And you, what’s it your preparation method for NaNoWriMo ?

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