10 Reasons To Give a Shot At Writing Poetry

As you might know, I am currently following Blogging University’s Writing 201 : Poetry course and I already see many benefits.
So I came up with a list that I hope will convince even the most pessimists of you.

1/ It helps you process negative emotions in a very sane way
2/It keeps your writer’s mind out of the lazy zone
3/ It teaches how to deal with rhythm in a text
4/ It teaches how to silly things beautifully
5/ It teaches  how to conjure powerful images with just a few words
6/ It’s a challenge
7/ Love, death, and desperation are no longer mandatory subjects
8/ You can include poetry in your  other writing project and make them 100 times better.
9/ If you’re taking a Poetry class, you’ll see you’re not the only ne who struggles.
10/ You get the « I’m a poet » brag card


Une réflexion sur « 10 Reasons To Give a Shot At Writing Poetry »

  1. Although 10/ is clearly the best, I agree with all of them.
    And since I like to quote writers I admire, let’s do this with the great Ray Bradbury, about reading poetry.

    *go look for his edition of « Zen in the art of writing »*

    « Read poetry everyday of your life. Poetry is good because it flexes muscles you don’t use often enough.Poetry expands the senses and keep them in prime condition. It keeps you aware of your nose, your eye, your ear, your tongue, your hand. And, above all, poetry is compacted metaphor or simile. »

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