New Sherlock Holmes trailer acts like an anxiety pill

I have already talked about how much I love BBC’s Sherlock. [There and there].
I have not seen any new episodes in almost two year and everyday that passes without the new series airing makes me think there won’t be a season 4.

Because everyone has a life, because Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are more and more famous each day and the money they get for shooting Sherlock’s like is getting more and more insignificant compared to their Hollywood salary.

So, when something as trivial as a new trailer is released, I feel like there is a little hope for these afternoons I love so much :fall cold, red and orange leaves being carried away by the wind, a plaid, a blue London tea, some After Eight chocolates and a brand new episode of Sherlock on TV.

Last year already, Sherlock wasn’t on TV and my fall experience felt incomplete. I know I’ll have to wait until new year’s eve to watch the Special episode that comes between season 3 and season 4 but, at least, I know this one is coming.


This post is an answer to today’s prompt on the Daily Post : connect the dots.

17 réflexions sur « New Sherlock Holmes trailer acts like an anxiety pill »

  1. Yep, been waiting for it too.. but I am not sure if you liked Nordic Noir… they are simply the best in the business.. I love every one of them.. and of course, the Americans copied some of them later- The Bridge, Van Veeteren, Crimes of Passion, The Killing… I love these.. 🙂 Hope you watch them too..

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