Tuesday Top 4 : Top websites on writing, a guest spot by Kris Moore

I met Kris during Blogging 201 and I have decided to ask her if she’s like to do a guest spot on my blog. She ha agreed to share with us her top 4 resource websites she checks when she’s in need of some answers about writing.


In the world of writing, one can always expand, always sharpen and hone the skill. From everything I’ve learned, these websites are my top suggestions to grow and mature, no matter what writing level you may be on.

stephen-king-francois-sechet-paris-06Who better to learn from, then The King himself…Stephen King? In his 56 plus year career, Stephen King has rocked the writing world again and again. I strongly suggest, picking up his novel: On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft. Below is a link of his top 20 rules. http://www.openculture.com/2014/03/stephen-kings-top-20-rules-for-writers.html

WDvert_color_400x400Another great source is Writer’s Digest. Veterans of 90 plus years, you can’t go wrong with their ingenuity. Anything you could possibly want…will be here. Q & A’s… they’ve got you covered. Publishers, Literary Agents, Writing tips and much, much more.They’ve got you covered.

DIYMFA_teal_logo-Header3Building the infamous plot, oh how I wish it were that easy. I particular like using a plot map. This method allows you to easily identify unneeded scenes. Or how about adding those brewing in your head.  At a glance, you can maintain or tweak plot threads and pacing, very beneficial. This map of Chapter 1/Scene 1 from my Novel, Nyx, Shadow of Light is a great example. Orange signifies the main plot; red and blue signify subplots. This was all orientated from the link below. To read more… kmplotmap

bartlebyLast, but not least, check out Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. Grammar is a pain, I know, but this manual breaks down the rules to easily skim through and easily brush up where you may be lacking. This website is an insight, otherwise I strongly suggest picking up this book as an arsenal in your “how to” library. http://www.bartleby.com/141/


With all the great material out there, every author needs to be on the up and up!

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