Nano Prep Diaries : world building

I linger in daydream, with my tale of a alien princess being swooped away by a stunning space cowboy while grieving the disparition of her beloved mentor.

I see great adorned rooms, I see long travelling shots of green land and  swooshing pictures of immaculate space and pretty planets, I see the cowboy in his sparkling space suit and his charming accent.

But, the part where I have to decide what rules apply and how the alien Princess’s world is governed is really boring. My princess is supposed to live in a beautiful endangered peaceful republic and I don’t even know what that means ! I’m sure Bianca’s wit’s gonnaperfect for the civilized polish I need.

Shiny Duchess : B !!! I need your help !
Dazzling Bianca : Not now D. I’m in the middle of something.
Shiny Duchess : B. seriously, this is an emergency.
Dazzling Bianca : Unless your cat’s throat’s been split with a rusty razor, I don’t give a sh*t.
Ok I need a bait. Something valuable, something precious, something eternal.

Shiny Duchess : I’ll name a character after you.
Dazzling Bianca : Try harder. Sexy werewolf is taking off his shirt.
Shiny Duchess : I’ll name the alien princess after after you.
Dazzling Bianca : Ok. Now the scene’s spoiled. What ?

I swear I can hear her exasperated sigh.  Time to be smooth. Think D, think.

Shiny Duchess : My story is a mess. I’m quitting.
Dazzling Bianca : Fine ! Your misery days are over. Have a pumpkin spice latte, watch Days of our life and please tell me more about this young gardner your neighbor has hired.

Now I’ve got her attention. 

Shiny Duchess : I’m too bummed. I cannot forsake Alien princess. She’s become so real to me. She’s like my grown up weird baby, like a teenager who needs guidance and advice.
I’m so slick. The teenager card. I know B.  Can’t resist that.

Dazzling Bianca : What’s wrong ?
Nailed !

Shiny Duchess : My world building sucks. I don’t know how to chose rules.
Dazzling Bianca : Not a problem. Watch Star Wars and steal from the Naboos.
Shiny Duchess : The what ???
Dazzling Bianca : Don’t bother. Take everything from earth, put it in space, dress the characters with fancy clothes and  give them tortured names. Don’t forget to add space sauriens for the exotic factor.

That’s a lot of work. 

Shiny Duchess : A tyranny would be funnier to write. Less rules, more drama…
Dazzling Bianca : Endangered Republic does not exclude rise of tyranny and treachery. Again, Star Wars, Naboo…

What the hell is she talking about ?

Shiny Duchess : Can you list me what are the main themes of world building ?
Dazzling Bianca : Police, army, clergy, civil society…
Shiny Duchess : I can chose one out of the list ?
I’m picking Clergy. They always make impossible love stories look so romantic.

Dazzling Bianca : No, this is not a line up for suspect identification. You have to work on them all.
Shiny Duchess : But isn’t writing supposed to be fun ?
Dazzling Bianca : Yeah, like open heart surgery in a full room of vultures.

I  feel she’s mocking me right now.

23 réflexions sur « Nano Prep Diaries : world building »

      1. I’m an English teacher: I know whereof I speak! And my entire French vocabulary was exhausted by the few phrases I used in my post « Je Veux Parler Français » and the lyrics to « Je ne Veux pas Travailler »!

      2. Lol and my mind’s completely blown away ! You’re an english teacher. May I ask you a piece of advice then ? I feel like I need to improve my understanding of English grammar. Do you know what book I could read in that perspective ?

      3. The Harbrace Handbook is the Bible for most college students in any writing course. It is available at Amazon. The newest edition is always very expensive, but an older edition will be exactly the same except for the information on citations and research papers. Here’s a link to an older edition from Amazon

        There is also a fairly good website hosted by Purdue University’s Writing Lab. Some of it is quite basic, but it also deals with more advanced concepts as well. Here is a link to an example of some of their more helpful information. Let me know if this is anything like what you’re looking for. The site could use some work in being easy to navigate, but the information is sound.

      4. I do not mind in the least! I love talking about English and English grammar! I told my students if English grammar were a man, I’d marry him!

      1. Good writing comes from within the depths of your being. I think that’s where it’s all coming from for you too. Even the last line about open-heart surgery in a room full of vultures was genius! 😀

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