Writing 201 : Poetry

I did engage in the Blogging University course that starts tomorrow : Poetry. This is a very particular course because I have already followed it last year for a few days and it showed me that poetry can indeed be fun.

Before that, the painful memory of my literature classes sticked in my head. We learned a lot of rules, read a lot of poetry written what seems like eons ago and were prompted to write a sonnet, just like that, off the nose, without any time nor any suggestion of where to find inspiration. Yep, this teacher really did make me love Poetry so much I basically ran away from it as fast as I could after I got my nose rubbed in my failure to produce an interesting poem.

It seemed to me like Poetry was a torture only sado-masochists endured to make their depression look arty. I discovered, loved and started worshipping Baudelaire only years later, still convinced rhymes weren’t my friends.

I only grabbed the fun of playing with words and sounds and verses last year when the editor responsible for  writing 201 : Poetry quoted Bon Jovi and Beyonce. He made it sound fun, he made it sound gloriously enjoyable and completely rid of any expectations of academic maestria. He made it look appealing to me.

I wrote about 3 poems during the course last year but I dropped out because my job took too much of my brain away. I wrote about 10 more during the year, to my own astonishment.

This year I’m available and willing to ruthlessly enjoy playing with the words.

Are joining the fun too ?

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