Writing 101 : Life after writing 101

30 days

30 days of venturing into new writing territories,
30 days of discovering bloggers and discussing with them,
30 days of chatting passionately or lightly
30 days of great solidarity between bloggers

Seeds of new writing

This course has planted many seeds in my blog and my writing and I hope they’ll grow and become beautiful and strong posts and stories. I’ll be forever thankful for the One day assignment that pushed me to write One more day, one of my favorite stories of mine.

And I think one of the most powerful. So thank you Writing 101 for pushing me outside my comfort zone (geek alert) to explore strange new words, to seek out new writing forms and new narration, to boldly go where no one has gone before (end of geek alert).


So many comments and chats, and laughs and toughts and so much support. Thank you all.

RosemaCatherineThistles and WhistlesEdwinaJaquelineKoolitzable.

and Anand, as usual ;). He’s the most supportive blogger I have ever met.

And all the others.

That was a very fun course and I hope we’ll meet again.
Writing 201: Poetry anyone ?

The near future

Everyday : The Daily Post
October : Writing 201 : Poetry
November : NaNoWriMo
December : Revising my Novel

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