Tips-O-Rama, week 1

Welcome to the new event on my blog  : Tips-O-Rama.

The idea is to help each others by sharing our tips.You don’t need to submit anything academia like, just  what works for you. From time management, great book on writing, inspiration source…. anything that helps you writing might as well help someone else.

I’ll start the chain with a tip I read a long time ago on my Twitter feed that turned out to be one of the most precious tips I have ever read : Write from the truest emotion possible.

It’s a variant of write what you know.
You may never have lived the events you characters do through but you may have already experience their emotions.
Use that experience and don’t try to disguise what you felt. Stay true to your feelings.

It made my writing more powerful and helped me set it on an emotional level.

Tips-O-Rama The rules :

  • Publish a tip on your blog, any form is accepted : quote, video, full written post, gif.
  • Mention Tips-O-Rama in the tittle of your post.
  • Insert a ping back to the Tips-O-Rama post, and a Tips-o-Rama tag in your post so that others can join the fun.
  • Don’t forget to check what the other participants have posted and show like their post.
  • You have until the following Thursday night to submit your tip.
  • I’ll do a roundup on the following Friday.

Please feel free to ask any question in the comments section.

7 réflexions sur « Tips-O-Rama, week 1 »

  1. ok, let me try… « Stephen King’s On writing ».. « most stuff by Sol Stein ».. « Read, read, read.. it will only make your writing better ». « Imitation is not just the best form of flattery, in writing, but will also help you form your own style over time ». « Do not follow any advice at all. Just write » 😀

    A book I am hesitant to suggest or recommend – « The Problem of Style » by John Middleton Murray. Sadly out of print.. half a century ago.. so don’t know how anyone could get their hands on that one.

    So many people into poetry over here.. and this would probably make them see poetry differently. ‘The Oxford Lectures on Poetry’, by AC Bradley… again.. almost a century old.. (I know, I know.. dinosaurs have a preference for things their own age)… 🙂

      1. There you go on that fishing thing again.. no, honestly.. you can see how cynical I am most times.. not at all fishing for anything.. but I know myself better.. it will end up being hectoring, bullying and sneering.. 😀
        And most of all, I don’t really have any kind of experience to be pompous about it or even tell people about it..

  2. OMG> I’ll have to write this down to remember it! I do remember one fabulous tip from my mother. She told me and my sisters that you could always were an inexpensive dress–and it would like a million dollars with great shoes. But–even a lousy pair of shoes could make a designer dress look like crap! Yeah. I come from a long line of deep thinkers!

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