No stone for my narrative

Symbol helps the writer carry sense through a story, gives a deeper meaning but also detains everything he tells  on the same road.

I’m on a creative path and the last thing I wish is my own narrative being reduced to a single moment or a person.

I want it to be wide and wild.

I want it to take me out of my comfort zone.

I want it to make sense only afterward.

What was true yesterday vanished before today.

Was is true today won’t really matter tomorrow.

I seize the day.

I cannot trap my transformation curve in stone even if it’s only  a metaphor.

When I’ll be willing to look back, I’ll read the stories I have written along the way.


This post is an answer to today’s prompt on the Daily Post : Immortalized in stone.

15 réflexions sur « No stone for my narrative »

      1. You liked that movie? And my wife thought I was hinting at something.. when I showed her that one.. what a brawl and a bawl, later 😀 hahaha…
        But yes, you may.. Who knows, he might need a good break too, to get away from the claws.. but woe betide him if he makes passes at anyone.. 😀

      2. Yep, I loved it.I’m married too, so I think it’s only gonna be toddlers parents talk. I guess he cold give us some tips on kids attending and time management or how to hook a bait on the fishing line 😉

      3. Then, hmm, in that case, we could call Adam Sandler along for the laughs 😀 (Minus Salma Hayek, of course.. my wife would scratch me eyes out… )

      4. Yeah, he’s got kids too, that’ll nuture an interesting conversation. My husband would not mind Salma Hayek but I’m concerned about the fact she’s not good at fishing 😛

      5. Hmm, that is so true.. she is not good at fishing.. that is what should not trouble my wife..but it will…
        (If she had been a better angler, you think she would settle for THAT?? Heck, even I would have been a better catch hahaha)

      6. What ?? A Tuna always tastes delicious on the plate, no matter what its fins look like. :p
        I think we should invite George Foreman too, isn’t he a barbecue master ? He could cook those fishes !

      7. What Tuna? That is Squid.. Jellyfish, maybe…
        Why not? More the merrier.. Foreman and all the gang.. And we can even intimidate Pitt into sitting quietly…

      8. Whatever ;p still tastes good on a sushi :p
        yes, that’s gonna such a great fishing party ! Which lake do we chose ? There are beautiful lakes near my place, but they’re in the mountain… that could be cold. Any idea ?

      9. Cold air and campfires? Sounds good to me.. Your husband will probably go blue, though.. er.. from the cold I mean.. 😛 (And I will go blue from the poison my wife stirs for me)

        Whereas, it is a completely bad idea over here. Too hot.. too clammy and humid… (Or oh.. wait, maybe not.. and that too when it is « you-can-look-but-not-touch ».. sure, why not? More to see that way… when the weather gets really hot… )

        Oh come on.. this is getting.. well.. PG Rated… and going south fast.. 😀 hahaha

      10. I don’t know.. you tell me.. you are the one who is French (Quebecois?) 🙂

        Yep, nice idea.. might take me a few years to get myself over there… don’t get too old in the meantime 🙂

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