Celery allergy and no kick off for me

It seems like the universe had a plan for me tonight and it  did not include me going to the local NaNoWriMo Kick off party. 

I’m pissed, I’m bummed but I tried to make the best of my situation.

Why is that ? Yesterday, I visited my parents with my daughter and mom had prepared chicken, steam potatoes and celery purée. nothing unusual, nothing too exotic. But a few hours after lunch, I had red and teary yes. Then My nose started to run and, as if it wasn’t enough, my face started swelling. But I had to go back home and I was confident I had ad hoc drugs at home. But I didn’t. My husband had finished the last box of anti allergy drug just a couple days ago. And this drug is on prescription only.

I had to call the 15 (our local 911) to ask for assistance. They were kind enough to understand my situation and send me a doctor at home. He arrived shortly after 9 pm and diagnosed a celery allergy.
I later looked at the symptoms chart, and yes it seems like I’m a perfect school case. What I did not expect is how seriously he took the situation. During the interview, he asked me if I had already gone at the hospital for an allergy, which I have in the beginning of the year, information I had already given to the 15. The doctor started by giving me cortisone and an anti allergy drug I did not know. He also asked me not to move to far from home during 2 days and call 15 if I felt any discomfort. He finally prescribed a 10  days treatment and recommended to evict celery from my alimentation for at least a year. He was pretty concerned the first reaction was so strong, the next one would be a « send ambulance immediately kind of emergency ».

It does not change many things in my daily life because celery isn’t one of my favorite vegetables but it does exclude a lot of processed food like tomato sauce and vegetable bouillon cubes. Hopefully for us, I do cook a lot of fresh products.

But for today, it did stop me from going to NaNoWriMo local kick off party mostly because I’m trying to be responsible but also because I didn’t want to ruin the party in the eventuality I needed more medical attention.

Instead of brooding all day long I decided to make a Halloween diner for my little family. My mother in law has offered me a pumpkin a few days ago and I wanted to test two recipes : pumpkin purée and pumpkin french pie with Italian meringue. We have already finished diner and the pumpkin purée was delicious. The pumpkin pie is still in the making but I’m pretty confident it will become a regular feature on Halloween.

Me staying at home did help us somehow.

Indeed, for the first time, I have noticed Halloween is a becoming a thing in France this year. I saw many disguised kids in the streets today and  I took a clue from it. Since we’re new in our block (Yes new, even if we’ve been living here for several months now. It’s a local thing. It usually takes around 2 years to be integrated around here), I did not want us to become the new morons so I bought candies  to distribute. Kids started showing up around 6 pm.

First, the youngest who were so impressed is was heart melting, then the teenagers who really made an effort of imagination for the occasion. I did see a Bryan May zombie with spiders in his wig.

This trick or treat evening  gave me the opportunity to discuss with neighbors I had not met yet and our daughter met kids she’ll be able to play with . She also looted a candy every time someone showed up at the door. That was a real treat for her : candies are usually not granted a visa to enter our home. Bad dental genes are to be blamed for this policy.

Even if I’m very tired but fine and made myself busy to forget the disappointment, my mind and heart are with the wrimos partying tonight.

I’ll log in the IRC chan and cyber celebrate he beginning of NaNoWriMo but it won’t be the same.

Already on the move

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: « If You Leave. »

What would be the parameters to ponder if I had to leave a job or a geographical area. many When Would I implement such a change ?

I already did.

The beginning of the year started pretty badly for me : I had a huge angina and an huge eye infection I called an emergency doctor because I could barely stand up and my eyes were really sore. He came home, gave me a week of sick leave and prescribed antibiotics, two, one for the eye infection and another for the angina. I took the latter first and began feeling dizzy just a few seconds after. Than other symptoms arrived so quickly I called the 15 (our local 911) and they sent me an ambulance right away.

I went back home two days later, completely drained, with my remaining angina, my remaining eye infection and the aftermaths of my allergic reaction. I came home to discover the horrors of the Charly Hebdo massacre and shivered for days because we lived just 500 meters way from one of the assaillants’s apartment.

From that day on, my husband and I decided to move as soon as possible. We had been yearning to move close to the Alps mountain for a few years and knowing that my contract was ending several weeks later, we saw an opportunity. My former employer was about to move its headquarters 15 km away, which translated in more than 3 daily hours in public transportation.

I did not wish to lose this time in my day, i did not wish to see my child even less than I saw her, I did not wish to invest more in a job that clearly did not challenge me any more and offered no perspective of evolution in a near future.

My husband wished to move too and he found a new job in 3 weeks. We moved 3 months later and started a new life in a smaller town, near both our families and with the joy to be healthy again. I still havn’t found a new job but I do not worry too much. I’ll find one. I’m educated, technically skilled and able to speak english quite as well as I write it. And I cook delicious cookies for corporate parties. Someone’s gonna want these skills 😉

I do not regret the move one second. My husband, my child and I have not been to the doctor that much since we got here. Maybe once for each of us. We used to consult at least once a month for various respiratory infections and those are gone. I have absolutely no doubt that we live in a less polluted environment and that stress has less power on us now.

I’m still on the move. I have decided to enter a new course in a few days, and I am not talking about Blogging 201.

I’ll tell you more when I’ll pass 😀

Last days before NaNoWriMo

We are just a few days before NaNoWriMo begins and I’m up to the neck in preparation mode, hence my dramatic decrease of post publication.

I’m done with the plot development and now, I’m deep in the scene list. My estimation for my novel turns around 40 of 2000 words But I know I have a tendency to write less than necessary. 40 isn’t a huge number of scenes but still, its enough to give me a lot of work and take all my spare time during the day.

I hope to be able to share my NaNoWriMo experience with you, especially since my blog will officially pass from daily main writing task to oh so charming procrastination.

My objective is to write a weekly account of my experience. I have thought of a daily account but I know this won’t last more than a couple of days.

I’ll insert a word counter in a widget so everyone of you can check on my progress from time to time.

I do value my readers very very much and i’m truly grateful for each and every one of my subscribers. I’ hope you will enjoy following this new adventure as much as you’ve enjoyed following the previous ones.

Writing cats week 4 : Car for contribution

Post a picture or a gif of a cat on you blog.


The cat should appear :

– to be writing with a computer or with a pen and a notepad OR

– to be preventing someone from writing OR

–  have a written meme over/under it writing/writers related.

Don’t forget  to mention the event in your post, add a Writing Cats tag and insert a ping back to THIS post so other can participate too.

The aim is to spark fun all around. If you’re looking for inspiration, just take a look at the writing cats I have already posted on the blog.

The deadline for contributing is Thursday evening .

I’ll do a round up presentation of everybody’s contribution on  Friday.

Please,  kindly show your appreciation to all participants by like their post on their blog or  leaving a comment.

So… Let’s have fun about our writers condition. :p

Come on, Pulitzer nominee, bring the questions on

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: « Trick Questions. »

A pulitzer laureate wants to do an in depth piece about me ? Yeah, maybe in a trillion years, when’Ill be a universe-wide famous writer.

Will I be unsettled by some questions ?


Yes maybe.

What would be the three trick questions ? None.

In a interview, the questions rarely matter.

The answers make the flesh of the interview and any good journalist knows that the way someone answers a question carry just as much meaning, and sometimes more than the actual answers.

So… Trick questions… why only three ?

There’d be plenty but I’ll never fear them.

I’ll take them as an opportunity to exercise my wit and showcase my dialog paraphernalia. After all, I’m a writer and dialogs are a part of my job.

Come on, Pulitzer nominee, bring the questions on. And if you come along with Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and/or Andrew Scott, I might even answer them honestly 😉 .


Writing cats week 3 wrap up

With a little tardiness, here is the wrap up of writing cats week 3

Esoria k pour son blog peregrinationsdesoria. wordpress.com

Ecrivain fantôme, qui a depuis supprimé son blog mais dont vous pouvez consulter l’image sur ma page Facebook.

Merci à elles deux !

Less Words, please

This post is answer to today’s prompt on the Daily Post : seven wonders.

Shiny Duchess : Seriously Dazz B, you really think I should cut all those words?

Dazzling Bianca : Yep. You gotta get to the point and fast or your reader’s gonna chose the shining BDSM vampire option. The word contingent should be invested on the action, not melodrama.

Shiny Duchess : But space cowboy’s speech is so moving. I almost wept writing it. I felt like I was pushing forward a universal truth.

Dazzling Bianca : So you wrote a version  stating Space Cowboy is a horny bastard ?

Shiny Duchess : Come on B. He just met her. Interspecies love at first sight, remember ?

Dazzling Bianca : Honestly, his declaration feels like honey-mustard sauce : uncertain taste,  dubious texture.

Shiny Duchess : I need all the lines to express the depth of his feelings.

Dazzling B : He wants to get laid. 5 words. « I want you  » only takes 3.

Shiny Duchess : Now, that’s subtle.

Dazzling Bianca : It never prevented any guy in any best seller to get laid.


Seriously, here are my seven words :  love, eat, sleep, learn, patience, yes, no

[ Writers Quote Wednesday] Maya Angelou


FR :  » Vous ne pouvez pas toujours controller les événements qui vous arrivent mais vous pouvez décider de ne pas vous laisser réduire par eux. »

This post is an answer to Writer’s Quote Wednesday organized by Coleen Chesebro for her blog Silver threading.

What’s the point ?

The thing with punctuation is that it is as much a part of your style as words. And just like them, each mark as a meaning and the journey to finding your voice is mandated to cross punctuation city as some point (no pun intended).

I use periods a lot 

Actually, they make themselves pretty useful when I want to introduce tension in a story. I craft short phrases and brutally end them with a period. They can mimic heartbeat. They can mimic a pounding noise. They can mimic haste. They also perfectly underline an opinion by cutting the conversation short.

I use commas a lot also

I use them as a tool to introduce an enumeratio, as a polite way to introduce an explanation or as a device to inject some air in my text. To fix a text that seems to dense,  just read it  out loud.
The missing commas, if there are any, will become obvious.

I recently discovered the discussion around oxford commas. It sounds a bit exotic to me because it is considered as a part of grammar in my country.

I’m very cautious about exclamation mark

It tends to be overwhelming. It stars as being an excitement sign, something used to emphasize joy and happyness and ands up being an injunction symbol full of imperative forms.

I prefer to deal with the words first

I also try to use all the other punctuation mark. The important thing is that I try to be intentional about this : treat them as a tool in my writer’s arsenal to craft stories.

Bottom line : I treat punctuation marks as devices with a meaning, just like words. So I’m careful about it.

To go further :

A link toward a poster that explains the punctuation jungle.

This article is a response to today’s prompt on the Daily post.

[BeWoW] A conversation with Zach Levi

As you might know, I’m a nerd and it sometimes slip on to the pages of this blog.

Today is one of these days.

Yesterday, I watched videos of the different conversation panels that happened during Nerd HQ back in July. For a nerd, they are like a magical moment of communion with like minded individuals.

Among the many videos, one stood up, Zachary Levi’s. He used to star in Chuck and is now starting in Heroes Reborn.
He is also the promoter of the Nerd HQ conversations for a cause.

Every proceeding of these events is reversed to Operation Smile, a charity that helps children with cleft lip and palate have an operation that give them their smile back. This saves and facilitates many lives.

The reason why I really enjoyed this video is because Zachary Levi talks about art, talent, sharing, fear of judgement, and he is being very honest and inspiring about it.
He received a lot of backlash because of Nerd HQ but he never gave up on doing something genuinely good.

I really hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

This post is my first participation to BeWoW, organized by Ronovan.