NaNo Prep Diaries : Killing a character

This post is a answer to today’s prompt on the Daily Post : When Childhood ends.

This piece is also the sequel to this one.


As I was working on the outline of my NaNo, it slapped me in the face. One of my favorite character is a plant.

He’s like Steven Seagal in a space kingdom. He’s a self made man who made his way up to the royal court and mentors Alien Princess, my main character. He’s sooo awesome Chuck Norris looks like gravel next to him. But Super cook/ninja/knitting maestro feels like cold miso soup when I write him. Fortunately for me, instant messengers exist.

Shiny Duchess : B. ! I need your help.
Dazzling B : What’s wrong  ? Wait. let me guess. Space cowboy’s got a conscience. He doesn’t want to lie to alien princess.
Shiny Duchess : Worst. Seagal knock off feels like a snooze bag.
Dazzling Bianca : And that’s your problem ????? You’re kidding me.
Shiny Duchess : I’m doomed.
Suddenly, the chat’s silence. I can feel when Bianca hesitates to say something.

Dazzling Bianca : Kill him.
Shiny Duchess  : Whaaaat ? I can’t. Alien Princess is going to be so heartbroken. He’s her mentor.
Dazzling Bianca : Space Cowboy’s going to seize the opportunity.
Shiny Duchess : And kiss her. Oooh I like that. The cook’s so dead.
I can already imagine the scene at the orchard garden.

Dazzling Bianca : You go girl !
Shiny Duchess : But I feel guilty, I feel like I’m a mean girl.
I like when my readers smile and awwws escape their mouths.

Dazzling Bianca : Nope, you’re a writer D. You make choices. Consider it like a rite of passage.
Shiny Duchess : I’ll get a badge ?
Yeeaaaahhhh a new badge for my blog. This will look so pretty on the sidebar.

Dazzling Bianca : You’ll get your readers to find out who’s the bastard who killed the cook.
She’s got a point. I can totally imagine myself  in a press conference after this NaNo goes viral on Wattpad. I’ll wear a black dress with polka dots.

Shiny Duchess : Actually, I think Alien Princess is going to hunt that scumbag herself. Now we’ve got the love story plot  and the search for the killer.
Dazzling Bianca : Subplot dance !
I wiggle on my chair and push up the ceiling with my hands. I’m sure Bianca’s doing the same.

Shiny Duchess : Dammit. Now I have an army of plot bunnies in my head, they say Space Cowboy’s the killer.
Dazzling Bianca : Wow, that’s heavy.
Shiny Duchess : He’s already spying on Alien Princess and now he killed her cook.
Dazzling Bianca : Looks like your mushy romance is turning ugly. I can’t wait to read it.
Shiny Duchess : I know, I know. I kill characters and torture lovers. I feel like a full grown writer now.
Dazzling Bianca : Yeah… about that…

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