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[Writing 101] Nanowrimo main social events

This article is an answer to writing 101 assignment of the day. I posted a survey a few days ago to know what te readers would like to read and over all, two topics stood out : writing tips and articles about NaNoWriMo. This a presentation of Nano’s main events.


I have already talked about NaNoWriMo in a recent post. If you’re not really decided yet, I hope this article will help you make a leap of faith.

Nanowrimo’s big advantage is to mix writing challenge and social events, thus enabling participants to share their experience and find support within the wrimos community.

Beginning of october : Reboot of the NaNoWriMo site.


Meet&Greet : Event during which wrimos meet for the first time. A little thrill running down your spine is normal. People introduce themselves, talk about their project, or not, play games, challenges between hot beverages and cookies. Wrimos usually get out the party excited, with a list of people to friend on Facebook, to follow on Twitter and new ideas for their writing project. Those who have always felt a bit out of mainstream in their lives broadly smile because they have finally met people who understand them.


The Kick-Off party : It usually takes place on october 31st. Nanowrimo’s participants meet to party and start writing at midnight plus on second. minutes of silence that precede the first word sprint are astonishing. And so is the wrimos’ enthusiasm.


Write ins : Gatherings during which people meet and write. They are organized in libraries, bookstores, cafés or at a wrimo’s apartment. Participants come in with their laptop.iPad/Surface/ etc. and write. During write-ins, sprints can be organized : 15 minutes during which people try to write as much as possible


ML appreciation day : Our MLs work hard all year long to organize NaNo events, find local partners, places where wrimos can write and engage the community. ML appreciation day is the perfect occasion to show them you support, gratitude and -why not- offer them cookies or anything else known to please them.


The Night of Writing Dangerously : For San Francisco residents, it is a big party organized in a Ballroom. It is also used as a fundraiser.
Anywhere else, it’s an entire night of writing, usually organized between 3rd and 4th week to help you catch on your wordcount tardiness. Your ML will let you know the details.
TGIO : Or the Thank God It’s Over party. It usually happens a few days after NaNoWriMo has ended, when we are all happy to be free from our keyboard and looking forward to a normal family life.


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