Two coins and a bicycle

This post is ans answer to the Daily Post prompt : Pay it Forward


Rosa sat on the bed. Her hand carelessly removed riddles on the cover while she listened to her aunt Marie-Anne comment the celtic cross spread between them.

“You need to be careful sweetie. This blond man isn’t a positive influence in your life. He’s reversed, that’s not good.”

She did not know any blond man but I let her talk through the spread.

“I see an important meeting coming. What you’ll do will be decisive for your immediate future”

These allegations threw a dark shadow over Rosa’s heart. How was she to decide anything when all she cared about was to have clean clothes to go to school.

“You can go now, the cards have spoken. Be good child.”

Rosa search her apron pocket and handed two silvery coins to her aunt.

“Mom say I should give you money. Everyone’s work should be paid she insists”.

“They are not mine to accept”. Keep them for you. Your kindness will be my greatest reward”


Rosa waved her aunt goodbye and rode back home on here rusty white bike. She was happy she had one. At the last block before her street, she saw a man lying on the sidewalk, bruises and blood on his face, multiple stains on his shirt and pants.

She got off her bike and approach him carefully. He was caught in a maze of illusions and mirages, mumbling and swearing he had done the job.

Rain started to fall and the man came back to reality, astonished to see a skinny girl handing him a couple of coins.

“You’ll be able to wash and dry your clothes at the laundromat just around the corner of the street.”

Rosa got back on her bike as soon as the man had accepted her money. Rain was falling harder and it became more and more difficult to see the road. A wind squall threw Rosa on the floor. She heard her bike fall and disperse on the floor in so many pieces she could not collect them all. She put the ones she was able to retrieve near the garbage with the remaining skeleton of her bike.


At home, mother wasn’t very pleased to see Rosa dress stained and soaked. She had the girl undress, put her nightgown on and let her dress to dry near the fire. The soup was very clear at dinner and Rosa thought she could have bought some potatoes with the money she gave to the stranger.

A few days after, a big white car travelled the streets around Rosa’s house. She knew it wasn’t normal because the engine wasn’t coughing. She also knew it meant trouble when people from other neighborhood ventured around. She only hoped the car did not come for her family. Hast time such a car appeared, little lilly and her grand-mother got evicted. The thought made Rosa trembled. She hugged her teddy bear. The doorbell rung and Rosa jumped out of her bed when sl. Momma opened the door and  a few words were exchanged. Then nothing. Rosa held tighter to old Teddy. Nobody would steal him away from her. No one.

“Rosa, come here please !”

The girl hesitated but knew better than disobey her mother. She headed out of her room, Teddy tightly pressed against her chest.

“Is it true you gave two coins to a dirty man yesterday ?”

Rosa shrugged.

“I can explain”

“You don’t have to”

Rosa felt she was going to be punished for giving mother’s money away foolishly.

“This man came back today to thank you. He would like to give you something in exchange”.

Rosa stepped on the porch of her house and discovered a steady new white bike.

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