[Blogging 201] Need your help to define what the first event of the blog will be

A few days ago, we were required to think of the possibility to organise an event for our blog. I have thought of a couple options but I have a very hard making up my mind, mainly because I don’t know what you guys will enjoy the most.

We were also required to use a poll but I find they do not really engage people, hence the conversation.

Here are the two ideas I had :

Writing cat challenge : I will post a writing cat every Saturday and will invite you to post a writing cat as well on your blog. You can chose a simple picture of a cat with a writing tool or a meme or create your own writing cat. We’ll do a round up on the following Friday. The idea is to have something fun and light to joke around our writer’s condition.

Tips trade market : Every Saturday, I will post a writing tip and invite you to post a writing tip on your blog as well. No theme assignment.
We’ll do a round up on the following Friday. The idea is to discover writing tips, techniques and help each other.

In both options, I’ll ask you to include a ping back to the event post on your article.

So, what is you opinion ? What challenge do you like the most ? Please tell me you your answers in the comment section and thank you very much in advance because I really need your help on this one.

17 réflexions sur « [Blogging 201] Need your help to define what the first event of the blog will be »

  1. I just like cats! The writing tips are also a good idea, so can I vote for both? Am a female, like a stereotypical girl have trouble making up my mind.

    There is absolutely no way I would let our current cat near anything I value like a favorite writing utensil. Already literally have too many scars from the creature that I call a demon devil! Currently have a truce going on. No new marks in over a week! Has decided to switch to biting and clawing my husband.

  2. Not a Cat fan at all….but I still like the Writing Cat idea, seems like fun. But the writing tips one will be helpful…hmm…I think writing cat will be more popular though…so my vote is for Writing Cat! 🙂

  3. Hallo 🙂 I probably wouldn’t take part in writing cat but it’s a very good idea and probably lots of fun. If I were aiming to take part in a new weekly event I’d personally be much more interested in the writers tips – however might it be difficult to keep it going on a weekly basis, are there enough potential writing tips for a weekly event? So, that’s not helpful is it, if I need to make a choice… monthly writers tips? weekly miscellaneous/general tips? – you have suggested a general subject type title for it … I dunno – I read writers cat again and maybe creating a writers cat each week could be really fun! I’m assuming though that it doesn’t have to be a photo of a cat like the ones of yours that I checked out and love – but I like lots of different ways of trying things, so could I write a poem or do a doodle or anything at all? I’m not at all sure where my vote is now – but I did like Garth’s ‘Qwerty Cat’ suggestion for a title for that too! Could you somehow combine them – so as the event host you could share your writing cat AND your writer’s tip … participants could do both, or just one – does that make it too complex? Before I cast a vote can I know please if writing cat is limited to just posting a cute computing cat photo?

  4. Hello La 🙂

    I like both of the ideas. Though I feel Cat one would be more fun for those who participate or read. Writing would be more of a routine as we are all doing it anyway.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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