[Blogging 201] Blogging Buddies : please meet Louise

Louise and I have met about 4 years ago during an event I have often told you about : NaNoWriMo.

We bonded over our common desperate need to write, love of good entertainment movies and chocolate. When I launched this blog in december 2013, she was one of the first with whom I shared my ideas and the link to her blog was one of the first to appear in my blog roll. Since then, we have supported each other through thick and thin, writer’s blocks and invasions of plot bunnies, urges to write and keyboard exhaustion.

During my summer writing challenge, she was the one to read most of my texts before I published them and even unintentionally spurred ideas in my brain.

We have shared fictional characters, answered some of each other’s blog articles and even wrote fan fiction on each other’s work.

Louise writes about emotions in all his expressions. She has a natural gift for long fluid sentences that’ll make you want to hug your loved ones or questions your prejudices, depending on her mood. She also writes a lot of fan fiction and has a genuine adoration for wolves. Tolerance is one of her constant concern in life and she won’t take crap from anyone being unsensible. She a great writer, so do not hesitate to visit her blog : mllelouise.wordpress.com

If everything’s ok, she’ll be featured next week on the blog. She’ll take over the Top 4 spot to talk about how to write emotions like she does. I have said it many times and I’ll repeat it as often as needed, she’s a master when it comes to write emotions.

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