A piece of my own Veronica Mars

Warning : I’m a big Veronica Mars fan. This textes presents a scene I could have written if by any miracle the producter Rob Thomas did know of my existence, hence it’s what I’d do with the characters.


« Hi Logan. I heard you got charged for murder, again. »

« Well, you know, there’s only a few good looking dudes around here able to look good as a trophee suspect on the news. Son of a movie star…. »

« Never grows old. I know. So, you done it ? »

Logan walked toward her and tried to pull her by the waist.

« Did I mention my eyes adore you ? »

Veronica stepped back and gathered her files. He was acting just like she knew he would.

« Did I mention I’m the only thing that keeps the County from roasting you ? »

A twisted smile appeared on Logan’s face.

« Right. I love having a hot blonde representing me in court. »

« And I love  winning a case. And taking cash. Spill the bean Eccholls. »

Veronica flashed him her « I have no time to waste » look.

« Or what ? » he replied after a long silence.

« Big Teddy will be serving your private dinner in your private cell after you get his private name tattooed on your private glute. »

When cornered in blackmail, always bring up Big Teddy, Veronica thought. He does miracles.

« Ha… no… forget about it, Teddy’s not my kind. How about we take my boat and sail toward the sunset. »

« How about you stop trying to piss me off ? 30 seconds Echolls. »

« Before What ? »

« I walk out. 25 seconds left. »

« Ok. I didn’t do it. »

« 20 seconds. »

« But I hired Big Teddy. »

Veronica crossed her arms on her chest. This was going better than she had planned.

« Why am I not that surprised ? 15 seconds. »

Logan’s shoulders dropped as if to say alright you win.

« To talk to him. Stu was scamming my company. »

« 10 seconds. Hurry up. My hourly fee’s rising fast. » Veronica says as she points to the ceiling.

Logan’s suddenly fidgety. He looks at the pile of files Veronica has brought with her and sighs.

« I wanted to talk to you ok ? You just walked away 10 years ago and never gave any news. When I heard you had graduated from Princeton Law School,I knew you wouldn’t come back if not for business.

Veronica’s not upset by the confession, she expected it.

« Logan… Time’s up. It’s a nice story you’re telling but you see, there’s one thing you cannot deny : we bring out the worst in each other. Ruined lives ? Bloodshed ? spanning years and continents ? Forget about it. Life is now and I wanna make the most of it. You’ll find my bill on your desk by tomorrow. »

I’m locked in Veronica.

Sacks said the file is empty, you’re free to go.

Veronica exits the cell puzzled. She hates herself for what she just did to him but… she was on a mission. She fetched her phone and started typing : Dad. Logan’s out of the way. We can investigate Big Teddy. Looks like his business has evolved. He’s added manslaughter to his resume.

This post is an answer to the prompt A storybook day on Daily Post.

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